After the death of one-year-old twins in the Bronx, New York, the police has arrested the 39-year-old father of two children. The reports, according to numerous US media, including the “New York Post” and the “New York Times”.

The former soldier is said to have left according to the Reports, on Friday the boy and the girl for hours on the back seat of his car back at high summer temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius. The twins died in the silver Hond Accord.

father went to work – twins die in New York

said He had his car in the morning at 8 o’clock at his work, a hospital, parked and was opposed to 16 at home, the social worker, according to the media reports, the police. Only on the way back, he noticed that his dead children sitting in the back seat. He should have his car jumped and screamed.

temperatures up to 40 degrees

Charité-Professor warns of heat: For children in the car for the part of “life-threatening”

A Passer-by, the police and rescue forces, however, could do nothing more for the twins alerted. The babies not breathing and should have been foaming at the mouth. Still on the scene, they were declared dead.

The 39-Year-old must answer for itself now because of the suspicion of a double Homicide. Why he had his two children in the back seat forget, is not yet clarified. Acquaintances described the man told reporters as very loving and very caring father.

heat in the car dangerous for children

According to statistics, a US-children’s protection organisation, die annually, on average, 38 children in the United States, because they are not left behind in the car. In the past year, the number was would even at 52.

in this country police to warn and aid organizations that forget children or animals in the car. By the sun, a parked vehicle is an oven in the shortest possible time to the deadly embers. At an outside temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is reached already after one hour, a children’s deadly internal temperature of 46 degrees. At higher external temperatures faster. The urgent advice therefore: Never children or animals alone in a car back to any Season of the year. Who noticed that in a car with children or animals in Distress, should immediately alert the 110, the police. Also Smashing a window is allowed in case of emergency.

sources: the “New York Post”, “New York Times”, “Kids and Cars”, ADAC

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