three months Ago the fire had broken out in the wooden roof of the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. At the time, French billionaires promised to donate for the reconstruction of the Cathedral. How now turned out, are still no donations from those who received, at least orally, in particular had done.

The confirmed Andre Finor, the press Secretary of Notre Dame, the British newspaper “Metro”. “The big donations were not paid. Not a dime of it,” he said. “They want to know, what exactly your money is being spent and whether you agree with it before you donate it, you don’t want to pay the salaries of the workers.”

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault were supposed to have received donations

Almost all of the donations are from the American and French donors of the charity organization “Friends of Notre Dame”. Later this month are expected, therefore, to 3.6 million euros, which will pay the salary of 150 workers. More than half of the Chairman of the charity organization were Americans, said the President of the charity organization, Andre Picaud, the Agency AP. “The Americans are very generous. The monument is in America, very popular.”

Among the First to donate to the announced, had, were, among other things, the luxury entrepreneur François-Henri Pinault and his wife Salma Hayek: they had promised 100 million euros. According to the AP, she said, to want the amount still to pay.

sources: AP, “Metro”

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