For the case of a premature withdrawal of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) during this parliamentary term have excluded a number of SPD politicians, the social Democrats, the CDU-Annegret Boss Kramp-Karrenbauer in the Bundestag would be to select the new Chancellor. “If Mrs Merkel should try to pass your book to Mrs Kamp-karrenbauer, there would immediately be new elections”, – said the head of the conservative how to circle in the SPD, John Kahrs, the “mirror”. The Bundestag Deputy emphasized: “The nobody will take part in the SPD, alone we how to would run Amok.”

Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert, is not sitting even in the Bundestag, said: “If Merkel cede, would be the quasi-termination of business basis of this government. We could not join in such a transfer of power, definitely.”

SPD-NRW-chief: “the coalition agreement with Angela Merkel for” TV-criticism


Future Chancellor? AKK winds and disturbed with their attitude to marriage for all

Dieter Hoß

The North Rhine-Westphalian SPD’s-land-in-chief Sebastian Hartmann said, you have “signed a coalition agreement with Angela Merkel as Chancellor”. The social Democrats would “certainly nothing to pacify the crisis of leadership of the CDU. We will help you in the case of any renewal. Because we should preserve as a SPD, the nervous”. Also, Hartmann is not sitting even in the Bundestag.

In the political Berlin, there are always speculation, Merkel could be handed over to the Chancellor’s office may, before the expiry of the legislative period in the year 2021 to Kramp-Karrenbauer, in order to obtain this for the then upcoming election to the Bundestag fight is a better starting position. The Saar countries in the Bundestag would be elected with an absolute majority for the new Chancellor. Merkel had announced that for the next legislature will not re-compete.

dho / DPA