Whether the A7 or the heavily used East-West axis, A2: a Truck driver in Germany often do not know where to Park the car during the statutory rest periods of your load. Because nationwide, thousands of Parking spaces lack, in the view of experts.

Because you will find often no legal Parking, the driver of their Truck, often irregular, faulted the ADAC. At rest stops there is for Cars, then often no more.

Worse still, the truck would be at night, often to unlit on the status strip, motorway, Parking areas, and endangered the traffic, complained of the automobile club AvD in the run-up to the 57. German traffic law, which begins on Wednesday in Goslar. Topic there are also accidents involving Trucks.

The Federal Association of road haulage, logistics and disposal (BGL) estimates that the number of Truck-Parking spaces in the five digit range. Concrete Figures are not available. One of the Bundesanstalt für straßenwesen (BASt) commissioned study on this topic is not evaluated according to a spokesman.

to be Sure, however, that Parking spaces are missing, especially along the transit routes, says BGL’s spokesman Martin Bulheller. One reason for the rush to the Parking lots, the increase of the flow of goods as a result of the internationalization of industrial production. Especially Trucks from Eastern European countries are in Western Europe, often for weeks or even months without interruption.

“as a result, many Parking lots with pause are, respectively, on the next load the Truck from a queue is to low-wage countries,” says Bulheller. Especially on weekends you see a Truck up on the downhill, and Acceleration lane Park, complained to the Chairman of the working group traffic law in the German lawyers Association (DAV), Jörg Elsner. “As a result, the traffic is hampered in these areas is massive,” the automobile club ACE.

as a result, it could lead to dangerous situations, says the Deputy Federal Chairman of the police Union (GdP), Michael Mertens. Also, the GdP’s call for more Truck Parking. If the legislature requires all drivers the duty to comply with the driving times and rest periods, “he must create the conditions to ensure that you can stick to it,” says Mertens.

The Federal Ministry of transport have in the past years already several Thousands of additional Truck Parking spaces on highways to build, says BGL-speaker Bulheller. This is not rich but far from it. “Our drivers have noted this in the nightly hunting of the last free Parking space on your own body.” According to the data of the BGL are cars on the streets of Germany with around 500,000 native load and, in addition, at least 300,000 foreign Trucks on the road – and the trend is rising.

for help in resolving the Parking situation could afford in the view of ADAC, the digitisation. With an App-based System, a Truck could book your seats in advance, or places on unused industrial areas or truck stops are looking for. “The data should be sent to the riders directly to the leader of the house,” advises the automobile club ACE. The AvD appealed also to the municipalities, in commercial and industrial areas in the vicinity of highways, additional Parking is to be shown.

In any case, the infrastructure is to reduce the risk of accidents by Truck is required, which is adapted to the growing volume of traffic, explained BGL-head of the Department Guido Belger in his contribution to the traffic law. This is also enough Parking spaces included, so that Truck drivers can comply with the driving times and rest periods.