the refugee debate, the fear of Islamist extremists, unemployment and economic slump, and these issues have, in many places, dominated the election campaigns for the upcoming European elections. This was especially anti-European, nationalist and right-populist parties benefit, the States are in many of the EU-is on the upswing. Correspondingly combative gave recently at a Central election campaign event in Milan, the leaders of several parties from the right, first of all the host, Matteo Salvini of the anti-immigration Italian Lega Nord party.

The strong man of the government in Rome, called for an Alliance of “Europe of common sense” (Europe of common sense), to reasons, after the European elections in the EU Parliament, a large group. Other speakers scourged in front of tens of thousands of supporters of immigration, a “Europe of the elites” and warned of a “resolution of the Nations.”

European election in the UK

The Comeback of the Euro-fright, Nigel Farage

By Michael Streck Ibiza affair miss right-wing populists damper

The enthusiasm was a marked damper on the same day, known Ibiza-scandal surrounding the now-former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache. The right-wing populist resigned all his Offices, after a secretly in Ibiza recorded Video had become public. In it, he shows up in front of the Parliament election in 2017, ready for covert election campaign funds to award public contracts to the alleged niece of a Russian oligarch. As a consequence, Austria’s Chancellor, Sebastian announced Shortly for early elections.

The scandal could affect not only the outcome of the election, the FPÖ, but also the Alternative for Germany (AfD) of damage, says Berlin political scientist Hajo Funke. “It is likely to be a weakening of the AfD in the European elections,” said spark to the AFP news Agency. He didn’t think it was excluded, “is that it gets under ten percent.” In recent polls, the party is at twelve percent, in the General election in 2017, they had reached 12.6 percent. The AfD Chairman Jörg Meuthen spark looks now “in the Ibiza trap”.

rights to the third-largest group is

The revelations of the Ex-FPÖ-front man Strache for Salvini and his main ally, Marine Le Pen is extremely inconvenient. The French right populist insured because immediately, your party, the Rassemblement National (RN, National collection of motion) stick “strictly” to the rules on party funding. Here, Le Pen and other RN-members, however, are themselves the subject of investigation due to the embezzlement of public funds. Also, the AfD is due to a variety of dubious campaign donations are under pressure.

Prior to the scandal of right-wing populist and Europe could hope for enemy parties of all Stripes according to surveys, around 170 of 751 seats. Salvini’s stated goal is to form the third largest group in the new European Parliament. Whether this will happen of course remains to be seen.