The Bundestag has intervened in the Chinese Embassy because of the visa ban for members of the Committee on the digital Agenda of the German Parliament. A Federal spokeswoman confirmed on Monday in Berlin, a report of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. The Parliament have called on China, in particular, to accept the German decision to the occupation of the planned Delegation as a “self-determined matter of the Bundestag”.

This refers to the Chinese refusal to let the Greens human rights expert Margarete Bause enter. Bause is not a member of the Digital Committee. Your colleague, Mr Dieter Janecek, member of this Committee, but its passage and nominated instead Bause.

Bause criticised China several times

The Green-politician, had been accused in the past of the Chinese government’s restrictions on human rights. In the process, they continued, especially for persecuted minorities in China, such as the Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang province.