“The street lighting systems belonging to the municipal services of General interest and serve the General need for security (…). You have the task to secure the traffic (to serve to avert danger), as well as the promotion of the local community.” It is available on the Web site of the city of Bad Segeberg, in Schleswig-Holstein. The “need for security” of its citizens, the municipality can be at present, however, only partially meet, at least in Parts of its downtown. Since the months are down lights in some streets the street – and the city is, it’s hard to believe, but not to fix true, so far in this.

The high-tech street lights of tomorrow

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So has earned the city the Karl-May-festival, in the meantime, an unwanted nickname: “Dark-Segeberg”. Because since the Christmas lighting again was suspended, the least since October, existing light lack eyes due, such as, among other things, the “Lübecker Nachrichten” (LN) reports. Especially, visitors and staff of the pubs in the city lament the darkness, feel uncomfortable or “afraid,” as the local FDP notes that, according to the “LN”-report.

Bad Segeberg: maintenance company takes Know

What’s going on? Is exposed, the municipal administration in such a way that no one can bring a few light bulbs to light up? The answer: The city has no idea where the error was looking for. For a maintenance company that worked for many years for the lighting in Bad Segeberg in charge, has already set the end of 2017, this line of business. As time turned out, had been documented over the years, the electrical circuit of the lamp is hardly or not at all. Also means: The employees of the maintenance company took their Knowledge and, in the administration of pats is now literally in the dark.

“We have a practical problem with the cabling in two Places,” authority Director Antje Langenthal in an Interview with RTL. “Because the cables are broken and the fault must be found.” It is like looking for a needle in a haystack – and a local electrician had failed the task already. Meanwhile, more than a year after the exit of the maintenance company – has given the city an expert with a special measuring the error of the car to do cable. Nevertheless, the Segeberger will have to live several weeks with its dark center, before a light illuminates the way.

Urban electrical-master

That something in the future will not happen, however, can guarantee no-one. Amtsleiterin Langenthal combines, therefore, according to “lübeck news” your hopes with the General changeover to LED lights. The 150,000-Euro project, through which a Bulk of the cost of electricity for the urban lighting needs to be saved, is to run over several years. Work enough for an electrician, for which the city now has a new position advertised. The electrician should take care of it permanently to the urban lamps. On the Bad Segebergern in the future, soon a light comes up, if there are any problems.