The number of inhabitants in East Germany has fallen, a survey by the ifo Institute, according to the balance of the year 1905. At the same time, so many people live on the territory of the old Federal Republic as never before, as the Institute in Dresden, new York.

in 1905, lived in East Germany, 13.6 million people. According to forecasts, this is also the level in the year 2019, it was said by the ifo Institute. On West German territory, more than 68 million people – the beginning of the 20th century, there are now against it. Century, there were only 32.6 million.

The number of inhabitants in the East and West were drifting almost apart unabated, said the ifo researchers Felix Rösel. This development was often overlooked and in need of a special political consideration. The rural area to the East was literally bleeding out and had to be specially promoted.

From 1949 until the building of the Berlin wall in 1961 had left many well-educated people to the East. In the GDR, the population stagnated and then pay – while the West also as a result of immigration gained. The next big notch in the East then followed, according to the ifo Institute, the migration after 1989. Before the division of Germany East and West Germany would have developed almost in parallel.