a Sudden lane change, Red light shots from blank-firing weapons or blockades and illegal auto racing on highways.

finally, it had to do with the police in Ludwigsburg, Germany with a case of the people endangered the life: members of a wedding party, blocked with at least four expensive cars on the Autobahn 81 at Stuttgart, the traffic and filmed the resulting traffic jam.

The traffic came to a complete Halt. Wedding guest leaned, therefore, to the films of the jams on Saturday afternoon from the car Windows. A police spokesman said on Sunday: “The Blocking of the highway is a dangerous interference in road traffic and may also lead to imprisonment.”

The police in Germany always has to do with excessive celebration of wedding companies and criminal-looking behavior of the guests. “For those who do, it is just showing off with cars that do not belong to you may also. In order to show what one has and who one is,” says the Deputy Federal Chairman of the police Union, Michael Mertens. Young men defined themselves over the thickness of the cars and put it on the strands. “We need to put right consistently to the bar and make it clear that this behavior can also lead to the withdrawal of the licence,” said Mertens.

According to information from the German police Union (DPolG), such incidents in the state of Baden-Württemberg, not often, but more in the conurbations of Berlin and the Ruhr area. “We are aware of similar situations of motorcades in football. However, in a different way,” said the Deputy DPolG-Federal Chairman, Ralf Kusterer.

the police stopped last Thursday, several cars of a wedding party. A two-car convoy, had greatly accelerated, decelerated, and the tracks changed. The two drivers, aged 25 and 26 years, had to give the information according to your driver’s license, no one was hurt. The groom, who was driving the Bridal car, was not able to identify the information, and was therefore brought to the station.

came To similar cases in the past few months in several States. According to Kusterer, you can’t even speak in many cases of administrative offenses. “More precisely, it is the crime of coercion, and a dangerous interference in road traffic.”