For the protection of the European external borders should be strengthened the EU border force Frontex to 2027 up to 10,000 forces. The participants of the negotiations between EU member States and the European Parliament informed on Thursday.

The number of unwanted border crossings in the EU goes back for years. In 2018, it was according to Frontex, in the case of 150.114. The were 27 per cent less than in the previous year.

The negotiations on the asylum reform of the Frontex agreement independently and remain stuck. You fail for years, that the EU States cannot agree on the distribution of asylum seekers to all countries. Countries such as Hungary and Poland do not want to commit to, migrants.

The Frontex Expansion is to be made of the agreement reached on Thursday, according to level. The force is to be extended from 2021 to and from Frontex staff as well as staff of EU member States. The EU Commission had proposed in September, Frontex already in 2020 to 10,000 officials to expand – that would be about 8500 more than the last. This is to allow for a better protection of the external borders of the EU and thus, the current controls at the EU internal borders be abolished.

Previously, had made the leaders of the EU pressure. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and their colleagues stressed during the summit in June 2018, that “effective control of the EU to ensure the external borders and the effective Return of irregular migrants” needed to be strengthened. “In both respects, the supportive role of Frontex should be strengthened, also in cooperation with third countries, through increased funding and an expanded mandate.”

Shortly thereafter, many EU countries raised concerns against the time schedule of the EU Commission. Countries such as Italy and Greece, feared because of the extended powers of Frontex, in addition to its sovereignty on its own territory. EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, accused the EU States of “blatant hypocrisy”. The Federal government had, in the meantime, said an Expansion to 10,000 forces by 2025 was realistic.