defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in the adviser affair. An employee of your former state Secretary Katrin Suder made, apparently, a well-Known the today 47-Year-old a contract from the German Bundeswehr received. According to information from the star of the consultants Oliver Triebel was with his company LEAD by the end of 2015 such orders, first of all, in November 2015 for the Moderation of internal events with Suder, 2018, for services with a total value of 380.000 Euro. Triebel was previously a colleague of Suder at the consulting firm McKinsey. According to the information of Triebels lawyer in relation to the star a call from Gundbert balance at the beginning of the first job Scherf, a former close associate of the Secretary of state, was changed with the consulting firm McKinsey in the Ministry of defence. Scherfs call “after further telephone contacts and commissions”, let Triebel about the lawyer to align.

Controversial sail training ship

cost of 135 million euros, Ursula von der Leyen, wants to let the “Gorch Fock” next renovation

the order should, apparently, “said trust” strengths

by Ursula von der Leyen, led the Ministry at the request of the star, one can understand in the case of “no personal engagement,” by Suder””. In the defence Committee, the heads of Department of their house had declared in November, the order had been issued by the public procurement Agency of the Bundeswehr. According to the the star the documents but had asked previously a Suder body under the Ministry of the procurement office, the moderation job with Triebel. The Suder under the project organization, armament management, justified the need for the procurement of Triebel in a note dated 30. September 2015 with the “relationship of trust”, connect it, and Suder: “The chemistry must be right”, it said as a justification. After the Federal court of auditors had criticised the case admits, in the meantime also the Ministry that against procurement law was violated.

The FDP budget expert Christian Dürr criticised that the Ministry had tried, the responsibility to the lower level to deport: “That was the attempt, a facade to maintain, which is now crashing collapsed,” he told the star.

in order for the Bundeswehr as a “Software architect” billed

abnormalities are seen according to the documents reviewed by the star together with the ARD magazine “Report München”, also in the case of another former colleague of Suder named Timo Noetzel. The Agency Accenture expects Noetzel, who was also previously with McKinsey for a job in the Bundeswehr hours as a “Software architect”, although his curriculum vitae is, as stated not a scientist, but a political scientist. Accenture rejected the “submission of false information” to the star “in the strongest possible terms”. You’ve used the “defined categories” in the form of “required contract”. Accenture was paid for the order, as later the court of auditors criticised, wrongly, on a framework agreement for the procurement and maintenance of IBM Software. “By the time we settled political scientists or management scholars as a Software architect, would have had to be Involved, it is obvious that the framework agreement is misused,” said Green MP and defence expert Tobias Lindner of the star.

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