London (Reuters)- fears Of an imminent demolition of a huge iceberg in the Antarctic, the British research station “Halley VI has been closed”.

All the staff had left the Station because of concerns the stability of the Brunt ice Shelf, on the research station, the BBC reported. In the vicinity of the research station in an iceberg threatens according to Nasa, nearly twice as large as Berlin cancel. When exactly this happens, but could tell no one.

by The polar research programme, British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Station run the ice by using the GPS-observed data, said Professor David Vaughan, the scientific Director of BAS. There were changes in the vicinity of a crack, but around the research station Halley, only small deformations of the ice can be seen. Nevertheless, the employees should not be exposed to unnecessary risk.

The research station was already closed for the third Winter in a row. In November 2019, the employees of the “Halley to return to VI”.