Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were for 50 years the most hated people in the UK. They were despised more than Hitler and Stalin. Who was with them, the Moors murderers, the employees, they hate and fear. They were seen as the embodiment of pure Evil – as if they were emissaries from hell. People like this child killer, the British were not prepared, as their misdeeds came in 1965 to the light. Five children killed the Couple: Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans. The main culprit and the Initiator of the murders, Ian Brady, let his sadistic impulses run free.

But was hated even more than this demon in human form his accomplice. While Brady was considered to be irretrievably evil, felt Myra Hindley in itself is not so terrible impulses. She was a more or less ordinary woman, and yet they did, to kill the children in a horrible way. The were able to understand the British, nor forgive.

The details of the Moors murders

Hindley and Brady burned in the memory, because so many of the Details of the deeds and the Motivation of the perpetrator came to light. They were the “first serial killer of the television generation”. The UK experienced at the time on the TV, the elucidation of the deeds. The Couple lured his victims in their apartment or in the infamous bog. The children would just disappear, would have been the Nation also revolted.

icon of the 60s

Christine Keeler – the most beautiful woman in London, which ended up as a “whore of the Nation”

Gernot Kramper

But here are the details came through. Brady made tape recordings, and pictures, holding how the children were tormented and their lives were pleading, and dying after their mothers called. The recordings were used to both of these terrible moments could always relive. It was easily recognisable, such as the Couple caught in the Suffering and torment of the children. So judges and the Public got a glimpse into the inner life of the perpetrator, what are the British not absorbed.

reality loss in the case of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

The killer-Couple lived in a world of their own. The absolute abjection of your actions, didn’t notice you at all, she witnessed the murders as increase their existence. Several times they tried to inspire other people for such acts. Also Hindleys Brother In Law David Smith. In the presence of Brady tortured and murdered the young Edward Evans. Smith was horrified, he fled and alerted the police. So the Couple was taken.

in 1995, wrote to Hindley a long Essay. “I was corrupt and I was angry. Without me, those crimes could not be committed, probably. I was helped in the placement of the children. Children who would accompany a Stranger is easier, if you were a woman and a man. And in the case of a Person alone would not have done that … I take full responsibility for the role I’ve played in the crime, and will not try to justify the irresponsible.”

Hindley was as a victim

present Shortly before her death in 2002, Hindley has revealed horrific Details of her relationship to Brady. These papers, however, should allow your release from prison. If you describe the truth, is, therefore, hardly. You accused Brady, drugged her, raped and beat. The first murder of Pauline Reade in July 1963, Brady should be forced.


DNA Test cruel Hammer-speaks-murder series after 34 years

Gernot Kramper

“As we headed home, he told me if I would show any signs of ‘getting Off’, I would end up in the same grave as Pauline Reade.” To emphasize his threat, he will have you strangled. “Before I lost consciousness, I heard, as he remembered what he had said after the murder of Pauline.”

“I asked him why he choked me so much, so often – and that was even before the crime – and he told me that he practises on me’.” Brady should threaten you with a knife and you are constantly in fear. “Then he bit my face bones started me in the cheeks, directly under the right eye to bleed. I had tried to get him to stop, to choke me and bite, but the more I did, the greater the pressure was.”


Mysterious double murder in the year 1981, two children – the chronicle

As she tried to deal with these Write to be free prevailed between the two, only hatred. Their hope on an act of grace Brady dashed in with a letter. He wrote that they were as a Couple, “a unified force and not two contradictory beings,” and that Hindley thought the murders were a Ritual that would connect the two is becoming stronger with each other. Ian Brady claimed that he had met his lover in the process and that the bulk of the blame. That he should have been mistreated, rejected it. “The fact that you wrote to me seven years after our detention every week, several long letters, contrary to your accusation.”


Brady escaped the judgment of the death penalty to be hated. In 1964, the Parliament had voted in favour of the abolition. Later he wanted a divorce again and again from the life, but he managed to never. To die perhaps, because he played with the Public and it is not docked, really. Neither Brady nor Hindley repented of their deeds actually. He made no secret of the fact. They accused themselves in their writings, but to lament only, and in the next breath, long-winded, you will be wrongly been turned into a personification of Evil. Brady died in may 2017. To the point of death he is the mother of Keith Bennett had not reveal where he had buried the body of their young.

The hatred of Hindley was almost 40 years after the deeds, nor so large that police had to guard her coffin when she died in 2002. The authorities had the concern that the body could be dragged out of the coffin and mutilated.

drug trafficking

Beautiful, paranoid, and infinitely cruel – Griselda Blanco was the Queen of cocaine

Pablo Escobar was her student, her own husband, she taught in a fit of rage. Brutality and cruelty of Griselda Blanco were legendary. Now the life of the “Black widow is filmed” twice.

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