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Ian Anthony Dale Net Worth, Dating, Career, Bio & All You Need To Know

Ian Anthony is an American actor and he has always chosen diverse roles to entertain his fans. He is best known for starring in the popular series named Hawaii Five-0. Apart from that, he has been a part of many interesting shows and films. He is known for his good looks and people like to watch him on the screen because of his good screen presence. We will discuss something about his personal life and net worth so let’s get started.


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Ian was born on 3rd July 1978 in Saint Paul; USA. He is a 41-year-old actor who has got a mixed background of Jewish, French, English, and Japanese. During his childhood, he was a bright student but wanted to pursue acting from a young age. He started out with modeling and later got the chance to star in many popular movies and shows. His father Jake was a hockey player while his mother is of Japanese origin but was living in the USA. He has got three brothers and two sisters but there is no concrete information about them in the media.


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Ian is a popular actor and the major reason for his success is his pick and vision for the diverse roles. After getting done with school he went for an audition and was instantly selected. His career graph is becoming better over the years and success is rising too. He has done a lot of good shows in his career and we will mention some of the names below.


  • The hangover
  • The bucket list
  • Tekken
  • 3000
  • Wakefield
  • Flying lessons
  • XOXO

TV shows

  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Salvation
  • Murder in the first
  • The event
  • Daybreak
  • Surface

Love Life and Romantic relationships

Ian is known to be a private person and has kept most of his relationships private. However, there was news that he was dating Nicole Garippo for about four years. They were in a serious relationship and decided to get married in 2016. The couple is happily spending their life and is blessed with one daughter and a son.

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Net Worth

Most of the fans are excited to know how much Ian gets as his annual salary or how huge his net worth will be. We will be revealing it all for you so your curiosity can come down. His total net worth is estimated to be $3 million while the yearly salary is $750,000 per film. Apart from his successful career in the industry, he has been endorsing many prominent brands. The character of Adam Noshimuri in Hawaii-Five 0 gained a lot of popularity and fortune for him.

Social media presence

Ian is a star on social media and people like to get regular updates from him. He believes in nourishing his relationship with his fans and connects with them instantly. He has got more than 2,000 followers on Facebook and got 28,000 followers on Twitter. If we talk about Instagram he has got about 140,000 fans and they connect with him every day. You can also follow him and get all the latest updates about him.

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