the President of France Emmanuel Macron has written just three months before the European elections, with a flaming appeal to the citizens of the European Union and a “new beginning” for the project called for it. “Never since the Second world war, Europe was so important. And yet Europe was never in so great danger,” writes Macron in a guest post that will appear on Tuesday at the same time in the leading daily Newspapers in each of the 28 member countries of the EU. The French President suggests a plan of action, with the European Union, a profoundly reformed.

“In a few weeks, the European elections will decide the future of our continent,” he warns. “Our continent is at a crossroads, where we must work together to invent, in political and cultural terms, the embodiment of our civilization in a changing world,” writes Macron. Europe needs to progress, not step by step, but “open for all”.

Emmanuel Macron calls for EU reforms

His proposal for a Programme should be based on the aspirations to freedom, protection and progress, and provides for, among other things, the creation of a European Agency for the protection of democracy. This Agency is supposed to send in every EU member state experts, which are supposed to protect elections against manipulation. The financing of European political parties with “foreign powers” should be banned.


need More solidarity

Why we need the European Union to urgently reform

the EU from falling apart, we need to organize a new – and remember what it was originally founded: solidarity.

Ruben Rehage

Economically Macron calls for a Reform of competition policy. We should punish “companies or prohibit, our strategic interests and our fundamental values are undermined, such as environmental standards, privacy, and the payment of taxes to a reasonable amount,” said Macron. In addition, it is necessary to prefer in strategic sectors and in public procurement European companies. The example of the United States or China. “Internet giants” should be better monitored, at the same time, Innovation needs to be funded better.

defense policy had to be in Europe longer hold together – Macron is in spite of the Brexits one step closer to the British. The goals of increasing the military expenditure, application-ability of the clause on mutual defence, European security Council, with the involvement of the UK in preparation for our joint decisions. Macron also proposes a joint border police and the European Asylum office. European solidarity needs to be “( … ) under the supervision of a European Council for internal security”.

Macron is domestically under pressure

because of the “yellow West”protests in their own country forcefully Macron had already called in September, 2017 with his Sorbonne speech on “establishment of a sovereign, United and democratic Europe”. He called for a European Finance Minister and a budget for the Eurozone, which could be financed in the longer term, with tax revenues. In the common defence policy and a former investment banker, suggested that an intervention force. Of these ambitious plans, however, remained little.

Schengen at risk: Why we are fighting for a United Europe Fullscreen

should not show The border between Spain and France: the ruins of The old Walls, even in Europe, borders have always played a subordinate role. From 1635 to 1659, the two countries were at war.

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to reiterate, In his European policy speech Macron proposed a re-Élyséevertrag to the partnership with Germany. This agreement German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Macron sign symbolic of the end of January in Aachen and wanted to set a sign against populism in Europe. “Those who take advantage of by means of false accusations, the anger of the people, promise everything and its opposite,” says Macron is now in his guest post. “Against this manipulation we have to make our stand.”

some European countries has received a Macron in the past, fierce against the wind. One of his “favorite opponents” of the right-wing conservative Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. And also between the Macron and the populist government in Italy, the poison arrows flew in the recent time. Macron has spoken out in his Speeches against national foreclosure and does this in his guest post again.

Brexit is “a Symbol of the crisis of Europe”

His foray comes just a few weeks before the possible exit of the British from the EU. The Brexit would be “a Symbol of the crisis” of the European Union, he writes. “The case is not the membership in the European Union, but the lying and the irresponsibility that could destroy you.” In a Europe Macrons ideas “have taken the peoples of their fate is really in the Hand; in this Europe, the United Kingdom will find, as I’m sure a full-fledged space”.

Pulse of Europe

thousands of citizens for United Europe on the road

The Brexit, as it is called from Élyséekreisen, is an opportunity to Think about the wool to use Macron. There is an anger that comes with the decision of the British, but also with the protests of the “yellow West” in France. In national debates, the President does not want to interfere.

In his guest post, he announces that he wants to call by the end of 2019, with the representatives of the EU institutions and the States, a “Europe conference”. To to “of this conference, citizens drawn panels and academics, social partners and representatives of the religions to be heard.”

Here you can read the appeal Macrons in full length.