Aisha was not a young girl, as she was taken by the fighters of the Boko Haram caught. She was 21, had attended a good school and already has a marriage behind. The child lived with her Ex-husband. In April 2013, the militia stormed the garrison of Banki, only a few Nigerian soldiers had no Chance against the onslaught of Islamist fighters. After the battle the women and children collected them as loot.

Deep in the forest, the prisoners were brought into a Camp of the insurgents. You have been offered dates. A lot of girls didn’t want to eat them, because they believed that the dates were provided with a kind of love spell. So superstitious Aisha was not, but she wondered about the gentleness of the fighters. “As I began to realize that they were not so bad as people used to say,” she said to Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, she accompanied over several years and now their story in “the New Yorker” tells us.

Powerful man courted you

Now, Aisha’s time as a slave. Even that was less bad than I thought. She did errands and chores for the wives of the fighters, and visited the Koran school.

But every day, soldiers came to a woman to choose. The wise Aisha also had a suitor, Mamman Nur – a leading commander of the rebels. But he did her no violence, he courted the young woman, compliment her and sang for her. “He was very romantic. He showered me with gifts. Jewelry, all the things women like.”

Staged photography: women and children as living bombs – Boko-Haram-Regime in Nigeria Fullscreen

Aisha, 15: “they said to me: Will you sleep with us, or you want to take a job?”

©Adam Ferguson

After four months of Aisha getting married. “I was the last of his four wives and his favorite wife.” Aisha was satisfied. “Every Time I wanted to be with him, aside he put everything else to satisfy my needs.” The birth of a son increased her Status in the household of a powerful man. At your request, the commander of his second wife divorced him, which was with the rise of Aisha does not agree. Now, Aisha self-possessed slaves, even the fighters were afraid of you. “The men always talked with his head bowed to me. I felt like a Queen in a Palace.”

she had never been raped, beaten. According to the stories of Aisha was punished extra-marital, or even violent Sex in the territories of the rebels strictly. The offender had been buried in the ground, until only the head showing, then you have slashed your throat. You have to say: There are other women, the signs and completely different that clearly speak of rape and abuse.

Freer life is with the rebels

According to the “liberation” showed that the women had joined the group, more freedoms, had, as it is normally the women in the area is common, said Fatima Akilu, a psychologist who cared for former members, the “New Yorker”. “A recruitment strategy was to tell the women that you can take if you join the group, each role. Even if you want to be a fighter, we will train you to be a fighter.” Also Aisha wanted to be in the vicinity of the fighting. She says in a mixture of Pride and horror: “My husband has killed a lot of soldiers”. However, in March 2016, the Camp of the wives of soldiers was surrounded. Aisha was freed. You could save your expensive clothes and money from the house, then the Camp was burned down.

tells how Aisha was living in freedom is hard for you and the other women. The other residents have not forgiven you and your children the connection to the murderous rebels – they were outcasts, living in a kind of re-education camp. The former Power of Aisha waned with time. Her husband founded his own rebel group, would you stay with him, “I’d be the wife of an important man”, regrets that compared to the “New Yorker”.

the care of The mother escaped

According to the De-radicals are program was handed over to Aisha in the care of her family that took her in is open. She had a small shop and there were also five men who wanted to marry the attractive woman. But then the Boko Haram began to group, re-arm, they formed up in the woods. One Afternoon, didn’t your mother and Aisha disappeared from the house. She took the two – year-old son-Only your seven-year-old from the first marriage she left.

Aisha is not an isolated case, writes the “New York”. Monthly wives of Boko Haram meet in an office. There, they receive a food package. Every month it should be less, always more, return to your men in the forest.

source: the “The New Yorker” – The Women Rescued from Boko Haram Who Are Returning to Their Captors”

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