Mrs wagenknecht’s how it went for you when you fell ill at the beginning of the year?

First of all just bad. I was completely burned out. I have a feeling that I can’t do like in the last few years.

to give the group, chaired by the Left – a big step.

Also a pain. The decision was not easy for me.

Why was it?

as before, caught fighting in a hamster wheel of constant stress, and the grave, no longer do I want to live. In the last few years, I was always sick more often. I went into politics because I want to move something. But who wears itself out completely, moved nothing more.

you Have withdrawn in the two months completely in Private?

to a large extent. I checked, no more emails and, initially, no policy followed. I had to come to rest.


A bit more from the Beautiful: Wagenknecht lives in a second marriage with Ex-SPD chief Oskar Lafontaine in a village in Saarland

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And then you have to obey to yourself?

The less. As I felt a little better, I’ve done what I’ve had in years, hardly any time – I finally read once again. Because I realized how much I was missing.

The relaxation?

Also. But, above all, the possibility of mental suggestion, to think.

suggestions from a different world than the Berlin bubble?

Yes. You can get carried away people, if you feel empty inside? You can develop new ideas, if you don’t read good books anymore? This is ultimately a Problem of the world’s top politicians. In a mill, the constant pressure, too little time for creative thoughts.

How does it feel?

You can feel that the substance disappears. I just ran from appointment to appointment and have been wondering increasingly how much of what I’m doing, has any meaning at all. Clearly, meetings, conflict moderation belong to the policy. But if the defend against the internal attacks cost so much force, that attacks on the political opponent is hardly what remains, something is not right. And I had to ask myself, if I can make a difference in a different role even more.

there Was a book that gave you that much?

I love to read many non-fiction books …

Goethe, so?

However, his poems. Bring one immediately in a different world. Like to read, I have Serotonin is also the latest novel by Michel Houellebecq, “”.


SED, the PDS, the Left – Wagenknecht mixes since the end of the Eighties, politically, with

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What did you particularly like in this novel?

Houellebecq describes the Emptiness that neoliberalism creates, the loss of values and Cohesion in a society in which all must reckon.

And be Protagonist of the life so tired, that he is mainly employed in order to stun in his last few months with alcohol and drugs. Not just comforting.

The book is not a guide to action, or? It describes the tragedy of a life in which the will to choose another way. Everyone should be aware that in life there is always a choice.

have you thought: So-I don’t want to?

Yes. But it was not the book that was needed, so I pull the cord.

Were you afraid of the decision?

no. But fear the day that I had to make them known. I knew that I disappoint my supporters in the party and the group. And also, perhaps, many people have accompanied my work with sympathy. I had to tell my Co-Chairman Dietmar Bartsch, I have been working for years, that our appointment to lead the group more together. And I have caught with the decision, of course, also of my staff, who have rubbed me up cold.

you Have discussed with your husband, Oskar Lafontaine?

sure, you discuss such an important decision. For our relationship it is of course very much nicer, if I don’t have to be constantly on the road.

He did so – already out of self-interest?

no. He has never tried to influence me because he wanted me to go the way I’m.

Are you sad?

relieved, More like. The three and a half years as Chairman were an exciting time. In spite of everything. But now I am the section me to a new life. This is not a withdrawal from the policy. I withdraw only from a specific function.

you were the figurehead of the Left. Omnipresent. How hard your withdrawal will hit the Left?

I’m not gone, Yes. I’m still Deputy, and I will interfere. The Left has to decide what to be for a party. There are two concepts left-wing politics. Either you focus on the academically oriented large-scale urban environments – the way the party leadership has gone in the last few years. Or are you trying to relegation threatened middle class and the poor.

For you is the decision in principle? Either – or?

Yes. We are a hip Lifestyle Left for Students and the urban want to be in the middle or to not leave a social force that seeks the consent of workers, skilled workers, low-wage earners and the unemployed, instead of these people, the voters or the AfD. The second way is harder, because these are people who have been disappointed again and again politically and the parties hardly believe something. But a Left that is no longer elected by the people of the predatory capitalism plays on the worst, that has lost its soul.

A Left-wing, their leaders, destroy each other, but also. Your relationship to the party leader Katja Kipping is broken.

In politics, you do not need to like each other. However, one should deal fairly with each other. And of course you fight back if you will always be attacked again. In the future, I don’t have to lead to such disputes. To the extent that I feel liberated to me.

Also, because you have realised that you have at the top of the policy, no Familiar, no friends?

It is true: politics is a snake pit. Real friendships can develop in this climate. A friend you can trust. As you open and vulnerable, you have to think in politics really well.

politics makes you suspicious?

You also have to be careful not to be too suspicious. Who constantly thinks in friend-foe categories, is a suspicious man. Distrust must have their reasons. For example, if someone has a betrayed.

Then there is no forgiveness?

Yet, even after injury you together tussles often. But if someone needs to be trust in a grossly miss, you realize this already.

become your tank with the time and the internal conflicts brittle?

You try, the outside world believe that it has a tank. It is supposed to know no one, where and how much of it is vulnerable. But in fact, beads of attacks and defamation is not so simple. I don’t know if there are politicians who let such a thing really. I can’t do this unfortunately.

What position it has in particular hurt?

If you put me in the Nazi corner, my views as a nationalistically or even racially vilified. Something like that is just despicable.

do you Have the feeling to have lost control?

If such a narrative, once set, it is constantly repeated. The was then transferred to “Stand up” to …

… the one of you and your husband initiated left.

get Up “” it was always put back into a nationalist corner. With such killer arguments to prevent the necessary debates. There is no social policy without a break out of the group-controlled globalization. The States must carry out the protection function against its citizens. If Macron in France is now introducing the digital tax, because the EU has no majority, he is not nationalist, but be reasonable.

have you ever Had the thoughts to leave the party entirely?

to Me has always been that I wanted to start with “Stand up” an Alternative project. That was nonsense.