the host of The refuge of the cushion protection of the house from waiting between ice and snow: Since then, the snow began to fall two weeks ago so strong, he leaves his hut alone. In 1785 Meter in height, he is working on it, the cushion-the protection of the house on the Präbichl every day. This means shovels, shovels, shovels. Some days up there, however, were so stormy that he could not leave the hut. But it’s not really homey. Ludwig Peskoller must heat with wood, and when he goes to sleep, the fire and it is cold. Minus 16 degrees Celsius, he measured on his mountain if it runs better, minus 4. But come what may, the hairstyle, such as Ludwig demonstrates regularly on his Facebook page.


Posted by Peskoller Ludwig on Saturday, 12. January 2019

The door to the hut must set Ludwig free, if he wants to go through it. On her a sort of Igloo-Tunnel is already created. In one day he had to take the window, because the output was not at all to dig. Ludwig observed from above the weather and above all, if avalanche danger. On some days, Louis gets a visit – just as the storm was too strong, no-one came. “Unfortunately, we had to turn around, otherwise my wife would have flown away,” wrote a friend of Ludwig’s Wall. Of course, mountain rescue and mountain know watches know that Ludwig lives in his hut. You keep in contact with him and Ludwig in turn know can tell when something is wrong with him.

Alone, but not lonely

On a day like today, when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, one can hardly imagine what the host of the refuge for the bad days. Then, a visitor dares up and be happy with Ludwig about the beautiful view from the dining table.

Who else has a beautiful view from the dining table,our Peskoller Ludwig has him👍 free to play game.

Posted by Andreas List on Thursday, 17. January 2019

On Wednesday, the Federal army has blown off an avalanche on Präbchl. From the helicopter a video recording was made of it.

sources: Facebook / “Kleine Zeitung”