Ganderkesee: hunting dog bites 89-Year-old dead,

has devoured A hunting dog, a 89-year-old woman in her home in Ganderkesee near Bremen. As the 51-year-old son arrived on Thursday afternoon to go home, he found his mother lifeless lying on the floor and the dog on a chair-sitting, police said. Due to the massive injuries the son had assumed that the dog has devoured his mother. As a result, the hunters have shot the dog in the garden. An autopsy of the old woman revealed that she was killed with a probability bordering on certainty of the dog.

news of Friday, 1. March

Lübeck: 38-Year-old wants to Ex-boyfriend and his New hit

Apparently, out of revenge, should have tried a 38-Year-old, to run over your Ex-Partner and his new wife. A police spokeswoman confirmed the “Kieler Nachrichten”, it came on Thursday evening, a dispute between the woman and the fresh amorous Couple. Later I shifted to a dispute on the street. There, the former partner of the man had attacked first, the new girlfriend. Therefore, you should have the woman and choked kicked. Like the “Kiel news” reports continue to be increased thereafter in a car and tried to get your Ex-boyfriend and the woman down. When this failed, he fled in the woman in an unknown direction. In the car two children were in the ages of two and nine years, did not want to confirm a police spokeswoman.

Karlsruhe: BGH confirmed for the first time, a murder verdict against speeders

The Federal court of justice (BGH) has, for the first time confirmed this to be a murder verdict after a speeder caused a fatal traffic accident. In February 2018, the Hamburg regional court had sentenced a at the time of the 24-Year-olds due to the conditional intention to Kill to life in prison. The Revision of the accused had been rejected as unfounded, informed the Supreme civil court in Karlsruhe. In Berlin, the Supreme court had repealed in a similar case, the murder verdict against two men, because the district court failed to demonstrate, in the opinion of the judge in the case, no intent. The Duo had delivered at the Berlin Kurfürstendamm is an illegal car race and the Jeep of a pensioner rammed. The man was deceased at the scene.

In the current case, a Lithuanians had stolen at the beginning of may in Hamburg, a Taxi and fled the scene without lights, and drunk in front of the police. He drew the car in the center of the oncoming lane and collided with another Car. A 22-Year-old inmate died.

Düsseldorf: the emergency door is open, the safety area cleared

Because of the passengers pressed the button of an emergency door and opened, went to the Dusseldorf airport this Morning, as well as nothing more. According to the initial findings of the police, was triggered after the door is opened accidentally Alarm. This led to parts of the security sector had to be temporarily vacated. A spokesman for the Airport, about 6,500 passengers, who had passed the checks already had, back in the public area. Some of the passengers who were already aboard their machines, they had to leave again. Passengers landed were not permitted to first stop. A police spokeswoman said that two of the three passengers identified are to be held responsible for the Chaos. All three of them were travels, therefore, from a Non-EU country in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal police currently assumes that the passengers opened the door by Mistake.

As the three Gates could be opened after about two hours, it came to the controls it is to long queues. By noon it had 42 Connections to stress, said a spokesman for the Airport in the afternoon.

Düsseldorf is the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia, behind Frankfurt and Munich, the third largest in Germany. For Friday, more than 600 flights, with around 75,000 pass were planned to operate.

Schwerin: the hard of hearing

is your man not again Why a man in Schwerin on Thursday evening at 23.20 PM once more to the letter-box was, he probably knows. What happened after that, he will keep but certainly long in the memory. When he noticed that he had taken the night tour no key, rang the bell, he first, in the hope that his wife would open the door for him. But his wife did not respond. So, the allegedly drunk man pounding frantically and loudly against the front door until the co-tenant due to disturbing noise, the crime alarm. It turned out that the wife of the unlucky souls already lay in bed, and her hearing aid had saved. Because it is also the officials were unable to attract the hard-of-hearing lady, offered to help a neighbor his help and gave the man without the key shelter. What time is the locked back in his apartment was, according to the police, is not known.

Dorfen: carnival fun in the night shirt ends for 18-Year-old fatally

the so-called airport düsseldorf-move to adopt the residents in the upper Bavarian Dorfen (near Erding) each year, on Weiberfastnacht the Winter. They wear shirts, white night and a pointed hat. Finally, the citizens burn a straw doll. For an 18-Year-olds, the move ended on Thursday deadly. The young man drowned after he was gone for yet unknown reasons, only a night shirt and dressed in the six degree cold River Isen – apparently, in order to pass through it. On the way back he had been, and then not seen an abortion, citing the “Munich daily newspaper” eye-witness. Only two hours after they were alerted, found the rescue divers of the police, the accident man. The immediately initiated resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The police are currently assumes that the 18-Year-old is voluntarily went into the water.

Remagen: fire-fishing-Golf-driver from the Rhine

The women’s carnival ended with a Golf driver on Friday night in the approximately eight-degree cold of the Rhine. For reasons as yet unknown by the 25-Year-old broke up with his car in Remagen the bridge railing and landed in the river. As the alerted security forces arrived at the scene of the accident, was an abortion the rupture pilot with his car about 150 meters and to the “Kölner Express”, a 15 meters reported from the shore found. You’ve only be able to see the roof. Four police officers jumped into the water, smashed a side window and freed the desperate man from his vehicle. He was placed under cool and slightly injured in a hospital. His Golf, fished a little later, the 70-ton crane, a salvage company out of the water.

Solingen: 46-Year-old weapon

the Egg dies after shot by Policea COP has delivered late in the evening in a multi-family house in a shot and a man in the abdominal area are taken. As the “image” reported, called the officials to a family dispute. There, they were able to calm down the two brawlers. As the police tried to separate the Pair, the man seized a knife, and officials have threatened. According to the report, a police officer got off one shot from his service weapon, as the 46-Year-old towards him. An ambulance treated the injured – but the man later died in hospital. The homicide is still in the night of the investigation. A Team from Hagen to also investigate whether the shooting was justified by the officials from Wuppertal.

Zwickau: man on a shoulder in the hospital

beat To a mysterious beating attack on Thursday evening on highway 72 in Zwickau, Saxony. After they had pushed the car of her later sacrifice, and forced to jumped two men and a woman out of her car and stormed towards the Mercedes, a 49-Year-olds. The police announced that a beat the two men with their fists, brutal on him and severely injured the man. Then you left him and fled in the direction of Chemnitz. The police found the getaway vehicle on highway 4 a few kilometers from the Polish border after the Tunnel king, Hainer mountains. According to the figures, the officers arrested a 24-year-old Polish woman and a 25-year-old compatriot. The wrecked Mercedes driver had to be treated in a hospital.

Friedland: man finds Two-metre Boa in compost pile

The dumping of green waste has been discovered by a man in Friedland (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) on Thursday evening, a lifeless snake. As the police Neubrandenburg reported, the more than two-Meter-long reptile, probably a snake from the family of Boaz. The man had been alerted to his discovery, the officers brought in later, an employee of the Veterinary office. This noted the death of the Beat. “The origin of the snake and whether it is a reportable type, you need to clarify the investigation”, – is spoken in the police message.

news of Thursday, 28. February

Velbert: man lures school child into his car – and accident –

builds A so far unidentified man has lured in Velbert, a ten-year-old in his car. According to police, he pretended to want the boy to travel to school. As this is refused, he should have become so aggressive that the student’s entry but in the car. A few minutes later, the alleged child kidnapper lost in a curve to the left control of his Car and slid into an embankment. The Boy used this opportunity and escaped and informed a teacher of his school, who informed the police. He later led the officers to the scene of the accident, where a vehicle is part of the car could be ensured. Is sought now to a man who was described by the boys as follows:

dark skin
– about 20-25 years old
– black, short, curly hair
(at the sides shaved off)
– has contributed to the time of the crime, a black leather jacket, black pants and a black scarf

For the still sought-after Cars, according to police, a black VW Up, probably a model year of 2016, with black faux leather seats and a built-in Navi. Probably the car has damage to Front.

Wuppertal: abused Bonobo Bili has sexual contacts

The Zoo of Wuppertal sees the dogs battered Bonobo apes Bili on a good way to be now from his group accepted. In the past few days there was more sexual contact with a Bonobo female, said a Zoo spokesman, on Thursday.

in addition, there have been positive contacts with several other animals. “These bonds will help him,” said the spokesman. To speak of a “Happy ending”, but it is premature. Bili was still separated from the Rest of the group and, alternately, only a portion of the animals together.

It is also possible that it will come again to quarrels. “But that’s like in nature. The Bonobos have Sex with each other and fight again.” The ten-year-old APE had been mutilated by other Bonobos. The Suffering of the bloody bitten ten-year-old Bili had excited much pity. Animal rights activists demonstrated in front of the Zoo for him.

Mundelsheim: 68-Year-old crashes with 560-HP Audi against cob

In case of a severe traffic accident late Wednesday evening on the A81 at Ludwigsburg, a 68-year-old man lost his life. According to initial police investigations, he went first –obviously, with high speed, on a semi – trailer that was changed to the middle lane, because in front of him a Car from the Parking lot “Kälbing” on the highway wanted to go. By the force of the impact, the high-powered vehicles, had been dug, and against one of the pillars collided, according to police. The driver had been thrown from his car. The man was probably killed instantly. The highway had to be between the connection Mundeslheim and Pleidelsheim for several hours at full lock. Since 4:30 am, the carriageway of Heilbronn is passable again.

Osnabrück: Niesattacke at the control ends in the living room

in the living room of an apartment building, a car driver drew in the night your Car in Osnabrück. As reported by the police, had been surprised by the 63-Year-old at 1 am at the wheel of a Niesattacke and I lost control of her car. The car sped therefore through a front yard and crashed into the wall and through a window of the house. In the living room, the woman and her passenger came to Stand finally, for the two were injured in the Crash easily. After the fire Department had pulled the vehicle out of the house, had to be supported on the masonry, and secured.

Offenbach: the Bus departs via screws belt, tires

lucky had on Wednesday, the passengers of a bus. In the railway underpass of Offenbach-Bieber, the Bus drove over one of Unknown, self-built “screws belt”. In the result, at least 20 screws drilled in one of the two front tires. The police later discovered that in the had been distributed among management in addition, a larger amount of Oil. No one was hurt. The police determined because of Dangerous interference in road traffic. To apprehend the unknown offender, please the 1. Police station Offenbach is Using. Anyone who has observed in the course of the night at the under the leadership of something, you can contact us at 069-8098-5100.

Berlin: seven-year-old in dies Fall from 10. Floor

A seven-year-old Boy on Wednesday evening from the 10. Floor of a residential building in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen overthrown. Resuscitation attempts by the ambulance service were unsuccessful. The Boy was not yet succumbed to the scene of the accident and his serious injuries, informed the fire brigade. A note on third-party negligence it is not, according to the current status of the investigations quoted in the “Berliner Zeitung”, a police spokesman. Whether the family was at the time of the fall in the apartment, was unclear. She is in the care of Emergency pastors.

news of Wednesday, 27. February

Wiesbaden: 77-Year old girlfriend down

have stung With a suspected relationship to the dispute has been stabbed to death in the afternoon, a 68-year-old woman. As the police reported, the 77-year-old friend of the Pensioner urgently a suspect. He attacked the woman in her apartment with a knife and fatally injured. A neighbor of the victim alerted accordingly, the police, after the seriously injured victim with her had reported. The 68-Year-old was brought with ambulance to a hospital, where she died a little later. The out of the room Heppenheim-born alleged perpetrator was arrested. The investigation into the Background of the crime of passion to run.

Dortmund: couple stealing bicycles from the police season

In Dortmund, a man and his accomplice have stolen, of all things, two bicycles, a police squadron. The man was a little later detained, the officials said on Wednesday. In addition to the stolen wheels, the police found further stolen goods. Two officers had connected to your service wire donkey during a mission, in front of a shopping center to a bike rack. When they returned after about 15 minutes, they only found a broken padlock. Witnesses were able to give hints to the man and his companion. The investigation led the officers to the police well-known 34-Year-olds. He was arrested in an apartment in the other bikes of unknown origin were located. The man gave the officers a note to his 21-year-old accomplice, in the case of the stolen bicycles, the police were.

Karlsruhe, Germany: man is hiding driver’s license-Fake in his pants

With a fake French driving license, a young man wanted to be on a Tuesday on a journey with the regional train from Appenweier to Karlsruhe cards. Because he had no valid ticket, informed of the testing, the police took the man at the Karlsruhe main train station, and a display because of the difficulties in leichens of transport. Only after a thorough search, the officers discovered the papers. The Accused had in his pants disappear. A Search with the authorities in France showed that the document was not only forged, but also stolen. Because he bepöbelte the police officers on Leaving the service point, has to expect the man now with charges of forgery, obtaining leichens of services, as well as insult.

Gütersloh: Pair beats children’s Playground

The police Gütersloh looking for an egregious incident on a Playground, according to witnesses. There should have sat on Tuesday afternoon against 16 o’clock a young Couple with a three year old girl on a bench, during an eight-year-old Boy came by with his same age friend to play there. The wife should be come according to the police immediately and asked them to be quiet. Furthermore, they berated and insulted the boy. “As the two boys played according to the couple’s still too loud, attracted the man of the family of the two boys by the ears, hit them on the back of the head and punched her in the stomach”, – stated in the message. The wife of one of the boys then pushed in a Bush. Now the police are looking for witnesses. The Couple is described as follows:

man: black short hair, about 1.70 meters tall, thin, blue Jeans, a black sweater woman: blonde hair, sunglasses, pigtail, about 1.70 meters tall, thick, black sweater, black jacket girls: pink jacket, pink pants, brown hair

initiated The official investigation proceedings due to personal injury and insult.

Marburg: abused infant died

The infant, who was a 17-Year-old miss, has succumbed to his serious injuries (see message below). The police announced on Wednesday afternoon, suffered the seven-month-old girl severe head injuries, so it died late Tuesday afternoon at the University hospital in Marburg. The suspects, a Teenager sitting since Friday due to one of the Prosecutor’s office in Marburg requested and the district court of Marburg issued arrest warrant for manslaughter in custody. The investigations are ongoing.

Marburg: 17-Year-old baby of his girlfriend, miss,

have violated A seven-month-old infant floating in the University hospital in Marburg in danger to life, a 17-Year-old the Baby to hard. As the public Prosecutor’s office in Marburg, the “upper Hessian of the press”, confirmed, is the Teenager of attempted manslaughter strongly suspect. Therefore, the incident already a few days ago in the centre of Marburg occurred. As the ambulance to the apartment of an 18-Year-olds called, they found the infant with the most severe internal and external injuries. “The Baby is still in acute danger to life”, – quotes the “OP” on Tuesday evening a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. This confirmed that the child’s mother was supervised by the youth welfare office in Marburg, and a free carrier. The police took the 17-year life of the young mother’s companions on a provisional basis. He is currently in custody. Where do the injuries come from, examine the authorities. The investigation of the reasons behind the fact are still in the early stages.

Erlangen: woman gives birth on the highway, mother and child doing well

particularly in a hurry, it was the Baby of a couple, that was last Sunday, on the motorway A3 in direction Regensburg. As reported by the police, had to stop the two of them at a construction site in frauenaurach and the emergency alert, because the woman’s contractions had started. A Patrol of the police, but this was the first one on the site, the officials were so helpers involuntarily to birth. “It was a matter of minutes,” said a spokesman later about the happy event. The child had been in the world, as the ambulance arrived. “It is a strapping and healthy Young man. The Baby hot Karl,” said the spokesman. Medically, not have had to be the police. They supported the Couple to their own information, but emotionally.

Teutschenthal: crane smashes against bridge – drivinghe is hard

injured In Saxony-Anhalt is a 52-Year-old with an extended crane on the highway 143 against a bridge cracked. The extended crane remained on the bridge to hang – due to the leverage effect of the front part of the crane truck was ripped with the cab high and pressed against the bridge. Why the driver was on Tuesday in the vicinity of Teutschenthal with extended crane on the go, was initially unclear how a police spokeswoman said.

The fire Department freed the man from the cab with a ladder. He was badly brought up injured in a hospital. The bridge and the motorway were blocked in both directions. After the salvage of the vehicle, experts should check the statics of the bridge.

Frankfurt: man shoots Ex-girlfriend on the open road to

In Frankfurt, has shot a man in the evening on the open road, his Ex-girlfriend. The police announced on Wednesday morning, the 29-Year-old against shortly before 22 o’clock on the Theodor-Heuss-Allee, as the 49-lap Year to you and to the head injured. He then turned the gun on himself and inflicted a head injury. Despite the injury, he scored on four witnesses, to hurt fortunately. A passing Audi was hit, the driver remained unharmed. The shooter tried to flee but was arrested by the police. Both he and his former girlfriend were taken to a hospital. Why the man shot the woman, is still unclear. The police suspect the reasons for the conflict in the only recently completed separation of the two.

news of Tuesday, 26. February

Hamm: 76-Year-old forgets the real Picasso-Vase on the train

A pensioner has forgotten to Change trains at the train station in Hamm to an apparently genuine Picasso Vase in the train. Still on the platform fell to the 76-Year-olds, the mishap. The railway staff could not find the bag with the special cargo. The Original of the Keramikkrugs by Pablo Picasso from 1953, is supposed to have according to police sources, a value of at least € 10,000. Painted 26-inch-high jug with the motif “Le Hibou” (The owl). “We go to 100 per cent, that of the Vase are the property of the man,” said a police spokesman. The Federal police investigation for embezzlement against an unknown.

Roth: police take a man and a woman after the corpse of Fund fixed

After the discovery of a naked corpse in the fränischen Roth police have arrested a man and a woman. The police announced on Tuesday, resulted in a lighter note on Sunday, the officials to a 33-year-old woman from Nuremberg, Germany. A 34-year-old Acquaintance was taken by special forces. Both admitted in their interviews to have at the disposal of the body involved, the best ride to have, but the 56-Year-old from Bamberg killed.

A passer-by had discovered the naked body on Wednesday afternoon in an embankment between the West ring and the Rednitz. In the immediate vicinity of a black suitcase. The police, according to previous investigations, the man in the apartment of the detainees tortured to death, in the suitcase Packed and a car with Hamburg plates on the Auffindeort was transported. The apartment of 33-year-old suspect was seized and will now be examined intensively on the tracks. The two Suspects sitting since Monday in custody, after a judge of the district court issued at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office Nuremberg-Fürth arrest warrant on suspicion of manslaughter.

Frankfurt-Oder: police stops a car and finds a ten-dog-puppy

The Federal police of Berlin has stopped on Monday night at the connection in Frankfurt, Or West point, one from Poland coming Car and in ten dog spotted puppy. The officials said on Tuesday, controlled the Patrol the in Denmark approved Renault Captur on road 12. The 22-year-old Dutch rider was with three 18 – and 19-year-old Danes in the direction of Berlin on the go. In the case – and in the footwell, the officers discovered the puppy a total of ten dog, the apparent associate of the breed American Pit Bull. The driver and his companion were able to provide neither transportation nor Impfpapiere for the animals. The police found the puppy safe and handed over to an animal shelter. Against the driver and his companion investigation for the violation of the dog transfer and import restrictions were initiated law. After the completion of the investigation, the four men were allowed to continue your journey.


The puppies were in the trunk and footwell

©Federal police Directorate of Berlin-Neuss: Teenager suffers 15.000-Volt distributed-shock

In Neuss, Germany have suffered two teenagers electrocuted, one of the two was seriously injured. The fire was reported, were the two boys at the age of about 14 years, first investigations, according to an S-Bahn station on the roof of a cottage Waiting climbed in around three and a half meters in height. One of the two to be close to the 15,000-Volt overhead wire fell and suffered severe burns. The fire Department rescued him to the mast via a Hinge. The supposedly easier injured was able to climb before the Arrival of the fire independently from the roof. In the run-up to the elaborate rescue, extensive safety measures had to be taken to avoid further hazards caused by the transport by rail or the upper line.The seriously injured Boy was came up with a rescue helicopter to a hospital the flown to be friend with the ambulance to a hospital.

Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany: man sold the elephant’s foot-stool on the Internet

officials of the customs investigation food have ensured in Bergisch-Gladbach as a stool fashioned elephant’s foot. A 53-Year-old had offered the with garbage bags wrapped stool on a classifieds portal for sale on the Internet. The customs investigators got an anonymous note. They determined the identity of the man found in the subsequent search of the residential premises of the accused persons in whose Garage the to the stool, turned into an elephant foot. The Accused had neither a marketing certificate or an import permit from the competent authorities. The customs inspectors reported on Tuesday morning, initiated by the Cologne public Prosecutor a criminal investigation because of suspicion of a violation of the Federal nature conservation act.Elephants are in accordance with the Federal law on nature conservation, a particularly and strictly protected species of animal whose marketing is prohibited in principle.

Kruger national Park

Surrounded by angry elephants: Safari in South Africa is the nightmare

Berlin: the 21-Year-old with an assault rifle-dummy police to solve the use of

A 21-Year-old was not allowed in the Berlin Central station is a joke, the police found at all funny. Passers-by came forward on Sunday afternoon at the officials, because they had observed a man with a gun. Even before the emergency responders arrived, fled in an unknown direction. As reported by the police, was spotted in the 21-Year – old a short time later again with the gun this Time, in the district of Moabit. Here, the officers could take the man. You checked the weapon and found that it was a deceptively real-looking mock-up of a Russian assault rifle. The man must answer now because of the threat of weapons.

Plön: police tracks stolen cat in the apartment

Because of theft will be held accountable to a 31-Year-old in Plön. The woman, apparently a cat fan, to have taken the middle of February, a hangover, and home. According to Clues from the population by the police sought, according to a report from the “Kieler Nachrichten” an apartment, where they encountered cat Yogi and the tenant. “Because the animal was microchipped, was able to find a vet quickly and clearly that it is, in fact, Yogi,” said a police spokesman. Against the woman who had taken the cat, according to the police, “unlawfully”, will now be determined because of theft.

news of Monday, 25. February

Hennef: Gafferin films, such as fire victims,

is reanimated to had two fires the fire Department Hennef disengagement in the night on Monday. First, a four-storey residential and commercial building in flames. The rescuers brought several of the residents using a ladder is in safety, because the staircase was, because of the strong smoke development as a means of escape no longer an Option. A total of nine house residents had to be supplied with flue gas poisoning in the surrounding hospitals in emergency medical care. Was broken out the fire first investigation, according to the reception of a Thai Massage Studio on the ground floor. The house is no longer habitable.

another fire police officers found a witness in her apartment-to-speech, filmed with a Smartphone, such as rescue workers a life-threatening injured 83-Year-old reanimated on the road. As the “Cologne Express” reported the Gafferin of the officials was prompted to delete the Video. You will be a legal aftermath threatens. The pensioners, in whose Studio the fire had broken out was brought in with severe burns and smoke inhalation in a Cologne hospital. The fire service people had discovered him in front of a stove in the kitchen area of his apartment, lying and saved him the life.

Munich: woman lures a 24-Year-olds in the beating case, mobile phone

A previously unknown woman has lured a 24-Year-old after visiting a disco in a painful event. According to police information, they steered the young man under the pretext of visiting another Club, from the club. In castle street the Lord chinger then experienced a nasty Surprise. Three accomplices of the woman, waiting there, struck him suddenly in the face and stole his mobile phone and wallet with more than 100 euros in cash. The victim broke off the attack, the nose and had to be treated in a hospital. The bat trio and the female decoy could go undetected escape. The police in Munich is looking for you. Two of the perpetrators, such as coating the following vines:

offender 1: female, approximately 20-25 years old, approximately 175 cm, normal figure, long black hair, spoke English with a foreign accent, wearing a blue thick jacket, hood with fur trim and black pants.

offender 2: jacket, male, approx. 165 cm, thin, short black hair, black winter.

with all the Relevant information, please contact the Munich police headquarters, Commissioner’s office 21, Tel. 089/2910-0 or any other police Department

Paderborn: father and daughter dead, police suspect family drama

A 90-Year-old man and his 63-year-old daughter came on Saturday night by a gun are killed. Who fired the fatal shots, is so far unclear. You go currently of intra-family disputes, said the police of Bielefeld and the office of the public Prosecutor of Paderborn on Monday at a press conference. The two victims were found on Saturday evening on the road in front of your house in Paderborn-Kaukenberg, where the woman has to be lived according to the police this time. The trigger of the conflict might be according to the initial investigation, a mental illness of the father.

Moers: Gas derailed freight train, the A40 fully locked

In Moers is derailed on Monday morning, a Gas-Laden freight train. On a railway bridge over the A40 jumped out of unclear reasons, three tank cars off the tracks. The train driver had been injured in the accident, a spokesman for the fire Department. In addition, the overhead line had been damaged. The police blocked the A40, as well as a Federal road in both directions, since initially it was unclear whether LNG is stepping out of the car. “At the present time, the measuring result is negative,” the spokesman said. Currently, the plans for recovery of the derailed wagons running. Perhaps the highway has to be blocked in the evening again.


jumped Why the three LPG-Laden wagons of the freight train from the tracks, is unclear. Not damaged the car, according to police.

©Christoph Reichwein (crei) DPA Munich: the Party is escalating, chaotic hurt seven police officers

In the night on Sunday escalated in Munich’s Ludwigsvorstadt is a Party. Initially, local residents had informed the police about the noise in a courtyard complaining. Like the “TZ” reported, was received by the first arriving patrol car of about 30 party guests. Some of them have bepöbelt the officials and threatened. In addition, the urine they respected the police, to the police car. Because the young men ignored between the ages of 17 and 20 years, one of the most important place of reference, reinforcements are called in. Thereafter, the Situation deteriorated further. Some of the party guests attacked the beats the officers with kicks and Fist. This set is then pepper spray is a and, according to several people. The balance sheet: Two police officers had to be treated, one of them was hit by a glass bottle on the head. Seven men arrested by the police. Two of them are to be supplied to the investigating judge, in order to clarify the custody issue.

Berlin: Teenage Duo fails in RAID on Erotik-Shop

That went in my pants. On amateurish type z are wei young robber failed on Saturday evening with a RAID on a sex Shop. Masked and with a blank gun and knife, took the Teenager to the Store in Berlin-Neukölln. There, the store owner confronted them, apparently, was so energetic, that the Duo’s bunk. A Patrol was aware of the two, because they had forgotten in the rush, their masks off. In a Park, the police officers found a 16-Year-old. His accomplice managed to escape.

Ludwigshafen, Germany: 19-Year-old power box

demolished omitted, Apparently on the way home from a Party, a 19-Year-old early Sunday morning his frustrations on a power box. The young man came again and again on the box, so that several street lights are acknowledged for their service. The local residents alerted police to hit the heavily drunken Teenager at the scene and found a quickly test to 2.4 per thousand. The officials handed him over to his father. The damage to the electricity box: approx 5000 Euro.

Hannover: Seven of the wounded police officers after the collision of two strip

the car On the way to a fire on Sunday in Hanover, two patrol cars collided. Both were a police report that with blue lights and siren on-the-go. In the collision at an intersection an officer was trapped in such a way that you are freed from the fire brigade and seriously wounded in a hospital. The police had been called, therefore, in the Northern city, where football fans of Hannover 96 supporters of the left-hand scene in the dispute were advised. To the injured police, the property was the car, according to initial estimates loss of about 60,000 euros.


At a crossroads in Hanover, the two streaks collided car to the police. An officer was so jammed that they had to be freed by firefighters.

©Clemens Heidrich, DPA,

sources: media portal of the police,

news from Germany from the week from the 18 until the 24. February, you can find here:


76-Year-old delivers on its terrace and is immediately shot – perpetrators escape

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