With a large contingent of the police in North Rhine-Westphalia since the early Wednesday morning against the Iraqi rock organization “Al-Salam-313”. The use against 34 Accused of the organization, said a spokesperson for the Essen police in charge of the RAID, together with the Essen public Prosecutor’s office. First of all, the operation was run without incident, it was said in the Morning. The members are accused of, among other things, arms trafficking and smuggling.

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the focus of The operation involved, according to police in the Cologne area and the Ruhr area. In Essen, Dortmund, Hünxe and Siegburg, and the seven other cities by several Hundred forces rooms of members of the organization were looking for since 5 o’clock. In the RAID, special units, and investigators of the state protection are involved, according to police. The aim of the measures was to find evidence.

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104 clan in NRW: What crimes they commit, and where they come from and where their stronghold is


assessed Against the group for quite some time, said a spokesman for the police. In addition to the trade in weapons and narcotics, it is a fake certificates and language certificates, as well as smuggling.

arrest warrants have not yet been enforced, said the spokesman continues. For further information, he is not made first. The large-scale operation should take, according to a statement to the police until in the afternoon.