For a year the General practitioner Kristina Hänel is fighting against a court ruling, the on 22. December 2017, was pronounced by the district court of Gießen against you. Their Offense: On the website of your practice, is any reference to “termination of pregnancy can be found under the heading of “women’s health””. The “advertising” was the verdict. According to Section 219a of the criminal code, it is forbidden to Doctors, abortions to the public.

a few weeks Ago, the verdict against the Hänel has been confirmed in a higher instance. But she wants to continue to fight. The law needs to be abolished or changed, she said to the star. Displayed Hänel of radical opponents of Abortion, and of these, Hänel, would claim otherwise, in the future, back to the paragraph. “Women have the right to decide in Germany to terminate the pregnancy. We don’t have invented Doctors, which is governed by paragraph 218 of the penal code thus,” says Hänel. “And if a woman decides, she needs to find safe medical care and information.”

Kristina Hänel: “There was an emergency situation is actually behind the” Clause 219a court confirmed the verdict: the Doctor is not allowed to perform abortion

Doctors, inform the crashes, are not allowed to share this information with, but because abortion should not be used as a normal medical treatment trivialized. For Kristina Hänel, who has been working for 30 years as a Doctor, there is this view of the reality of the women. “Women in such a position. And it is actually always an emergency situation behind it. Not wanted, but there is then no other solution, the decision is final and the women in need of support.” Although there are in the whole of Germany, counselling centres, but in some areas, be it for unintentionally Pregnant, however, difficult to find the address of a doctor. And since the are not allowed to advertise by leading Doctors, the treatment, the women have no other choice than to call around.

The new law should serve to protect women from themselves, as you do not go out, apparently, that Pregnant women be due to your hormonal Situation will be able to decide freely, so Hänel. “This is a humiliating image of women.”

The full Interview with Kristina Hänel read in the new star.

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