China has accused two detained Canadians of espionage. Both were fixed after the financial boss of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, had been arrested in Canada.

diplomats and critics suspect retaliation and accuses China of “hostage diplomacy”. Only three days after the fundamental decision of the canadian government, that the daughter of the group-may green be the founder extradited at the Request of the United States, collected the authorities in Beijing on Monday, the spying allegations.

former canadian Diplomat and current representatives of the independent Crisis Group, Michael Kovrig, have been working “as a spy, the Chinese state secrets and secret information to be stolen,” – quoted by the official Xinhua news Agency, the legal Committee of the Communist party. The also arrested Korea expert and business man Michael Spavor, who had headed a cultural center for the exchange with North Korea, was his most important contact, and I provided him with secret information.

The Huawei Manager had been taken in December in Canada, due to Bank fraud in connection with the circumvention of sanctions against Iran at the Request of the United States. The Manager sued meanwhile the canadian government. Their constitutional rights were at the time of their arrest on 1. December seriously injured, – stated in the U.S. news portal “Politico” on Sunday published application. Meng asks for damages for “abuse of office” and “deprivation of liberty”.

this Wednesday will address the Supreme court of justice of the province of British Columbia with her case and a hearing schedule. The canadian authorities would not comment on the lawsuit. “We are a nation of laws. Canada maintains a fair, impartial and transparent process with a view to the arrest of Ms. Meng Wanzhou,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of Public security, the Scott Bardsley.

With similar words expressed in China, the legal Committee of the party at the espionage allegations against the two Canadians: “China is a state of law.” The Land before going, decided against crime, the practice of national security u. s. The case will be treated in Accordance with the law. Further legal proceedings were made on the basis of the investigation in the case, more cited the state Agency Xinhua.

in the Midst of the severe upset between China and Canada, the 15-year sentence had been against a in a Chinese prison inmates Canadians for drug smuggling in the short term, in the death penalty to be converted. Observers also saw the carriage therein a possible return, in order to increase the pressure on Canada. The canadian government has condemned both the death penalty as also repeatedly called for the immediate release of Spavor, and Kovrig requested.

More than 140 academics and former diplomats from 19 countries had called for the end of January in a letter to heads of state and party chief Xi Jinping for the release of the two. Among them, Volker Stanzel, former German Ambassador in Beijing, as well as the last British Governor of the former colony of Hong Kong, Chris Patten. The Letter praised the two Canadians for their work to promote understanding between the West, China, and North Korea. Their arrest signal, “that this kind of constructive work is not welcome, and even dangerous in China”.

legal experts described in the previous “espionage cases” was noticed that the Chinese authorities interpreted the concept of “state secrets” are often very far conceived or, depending on the need of also quite arbitrary.