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How You Can Get The Best Analytics’ Influencers Service?

BuzzGuru provides its service to various agencies, brands, as well as platforms to improve their influencing promotion campaign. BuzzGuru was firstly established in October 2017 and now own a highly qualified staff of more than 50 experts. We also provide job opportunities as can be accessible on the job search services. The BuzzGuru Corporation is dedicated to provide their best services and secure your personal information and data in an unlock and clear manner. The personal information or statistics that we gather and manage will fluctuate as these depend on how you make use of the Website.

BuzzGuru Most Important Expertise Work:

All our clients get the fast and the best quality service of influencer ad campaigns, viewers’ trustworthiness as well as high traffic in different fields. The basic and main work direction fields are described below in which we provide our service

  • Gaming:

We provide the top and the best advertisers in the online multiplayer gaming industry

  • Mobile

We offer several different kinds of mobile games, applications, utilities of both great developers and just initiated companies.

  • Finance Or Gambling:

We also provide our service to for the binary options, Forex, in addition with trading platforms and bookmakers.

Analytics’ Influencers Service:

You can discover any influencer of more than 10,000 subscriber base. We provide a simple and easy to use device to explore as well as study about the influencers. Twitch and YouTube influencers help you to find all sites, games along with app ever described or promoted by a confident influencer. There are different things to do for getting the service of quality of influencers.

You Have To Choose The Social Network To Work With:

We collect and process the data from the most popular social networking media like YouTube and Twitch etc to work with.

Smart Influencer Search Filters: The system of the analytical influences lets you find out the influencers based sites on a variety of filter combinations.

Create Influencers Lists: You have to make your own influencers lists with the use of the filters.

Projected Placement Cost: Get predictable Ad cost depend on the competence of marketing campaigns.

App Promotion: Find out all products that were still promoted by a definite Influencer.

Website Promotion: Find out all sites that were always mentioned by influencers in their videos or content.

Games: Discover the games which are played or promoted by the influencers.

Smart Search For YouTube And Twitch Influencers:

  • We discover all influencers just related to your considerations
  • We check necessary stats of each influencer
  • We generate personal lists with the influencers which you pick

Detailed Distinctiveness Of An Influencer’s Prospective:

  • Channel’s stats letting you observe the views dynamics on a video as well as subscriber count
  • Influencer’s ad placement cost
  • Influencer’s video posting schedule
  • Websites, app and game mentions stats


  • See all the games constantly played by influencers on their media or channels
  • Check the presentation of a sponsored video
  • Project appointment cost based on the earlier videos’ performance

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