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How to Save PCBA Manufacturing cost for your electronics

With enhancing technologies, the expense for each manufacturing is jumping up. Profit margins are being increased. And, when you search for high-quality items for your application, the prices are likely to be even higher. But, you undoubtedly wish to minimize the amount you spend on your expenses, without compromising on the top quality. Is that even possible? Oh yes! Here we bring you some tips in which you can reduce the costs connected with your PCBA manufacturing projects.

Tips To Reduce PCBA Manufacturing Costs

1- Positioning Surface Mount Components On Single Side.

As an example, putting together a PCB with surface mounted (SMD) components on both sides is generally more expensive than one with single-sided SMD parts. That’s since the PCB will only go through a single iteration of the pick as well as a place set up as opposed to two times, saving stencil cost.

2- Proper Designator Labeling

Designators are meant to identify elements conveniently on the PCB They should be clear and also situated near to the elements that they are connected with. It aids PCB assemblers to make sure the setup process is hassle-free as well as additionally decreases issues in manual placement.

3- Panelize The PCB.

If you’re producing thousands or more PCBs, you may wish to produce the PCB in panels. Not only does this reduce the cost of manufacturing, however, it additionally boosts efficiency during the assembly procedure. PCB assembly runs are minimized when numerous iterations of the same PCB are made in a single panel.

Guarantee that fiducial markers are present in the PCB panels to ensure alignment as well as precision throughout the pick as well as placing procedure.

4- Stick With the Standard

Along those exact same lines, do not forget to remember that any kind of discrepancy from typical components will likely reduce the process as well as stand for a greater cost. That might end up being a double whammy for your manufacturing value. As an example, opting for an uneven board form or even a solder mask that’s red or blue in shade (instead of the typical eco-friendly) can truly influence PCB quotes and ultimate costs.

Ask yourself whether these decisions really offer the product or whether it’s just a wish to do something a bit various. If keeping prices low without hurting the top quality is your ultimate goal, you may intend to conserve the special PCB assembly ask for an additional project in the future.

5- Give A Complete BOM List

A BOM or Bill Of Material is more than simply an elegant listing of components. It is important that you give the PCB assembler like RayPCB the most complete listing ever. Not only does it helps the assembler to position the elements on the appropriate impact, yet a BOM listing also helps you to intend and also spending plan procurement by taking advantage of amount and use.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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