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How to Monitor Instagram, WhatsApp & FB Chat on Your Teens Mobile

Social media plays a crucial role in the lives of the post-millennial generation. It lets them communicate, learn, play and hang out with the people beyond their jurisdictions. The effectiveness of social media has made teens and tweens to dedicate most of their hours to these social networking apps. The statistics indicate that kids between the age of 10 and 17 give around 9 hours a day to Facebook and other popular social and instant messengers. However, the time they spend online is not without dangers. The unsupervised use of social networking platforms may cause teens to experience harassment, molestation, hacking and scams. Read on to know how you can safeguard your kids from such online crimes by monitoring their Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp chats.

What Instagram Is About?

What Instagram Is About
What Instagram Is About

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing platform at the present time. It allows users to post and share photos and videos with the online fellows who can make comment on these posts. Also, the app lets you exchange direct messages that may contain text and media. On the negative side, the photo-sharing platform provides a safe heaven to bullying and body shaming. The persecutors and scoundrels make humiliating comments and send harassing messages to the victim keeping their identities unrevealed or fake.

Brief Introduction to WhatsApp

Brief Introduction to WhatsApp
Brief Introduction to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is, currently, the most commonly used instant messenger around the world. It allows users to exchange text, photos, videos, voice recordings, links, location, documents, contacts and more. Using the messenger, the user can also make audio and video calls. Also, the app lets you set status updates.

Anyone can set an account on WhatsApp by proving an authentic mobile phone number. The provision of other information is optional. However, it becomes distressing to use WhatsApp when an annoying person gets you WhatsApp number. Those who have your contact number can find you on WhatsApp and can send messages even if you do not want them to.

What Facebook Is?

What Facebook Is
What Facebook Is

Facebook does not need any introduction because the social media app has made almost everyone in the world obsessed. Even the least social and non-tech savvy persons have their accounts on Facebook. This is the largest social media network having billions of active users worldwide. The app allows the user to post and share stuff of their choice. They can share their memories, events, thoughts or activities in the form of text, photos, videos or links.

The popularity of the social media site has attracted predators and persecutors who find and access the victims through this platform. The information teens share on Facebook is manipulated by predators to trap and exploit the target. Moreover, the platform contains plenty of adult-oriented and sexually explicit content.

How to Monitor Social Media & Instant Messengers

The technologists have developed tools to safeguard teenagers from the menaces of social media and instant messengers. There is a monitoring app that enables parents to protect their younger children from the potential dangers of the online world. You only need to get the smartphones of your kids installed with the monitoring app to keep an eye on their social media activities. The app will provide important data so you can detect if your kid is being targeted by scoundrels, predators or bullies online.

Monitor Instagram with Instagram Spy App

The Instagram spy app allows parents to keep tabs on direct messages of their kids. The spy app automatically syncs inward and outward Instagram messages and uploads to the online portal of the spy app. Parents can log into that portal through any mobile phone or computer device and can review these online conversations. You can buy the best service related Instagram Followers or “buy likes”

Monitor WhatsApp with WhatsApp Spy App

The WhatsApp monitoring app lets you track incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, call, media files, contacts and more. The app also allows accessing one-on-one and group chats as well. The spy app also offers screen recording to capture every WhatsApp activity of your teens.

Monitor Facebook with Facebook Spy App

The popular social media app can be monitored with a Facebook tracking app. The spy app syncs important Facebook data including chats, calls, photos, videos, posts, friend-list and more. Parents can review this data by logging into the online portal of the social media monitoring app.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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