Nothing is working in Germany as a manslaughter Argument as good as “Europe”. Even politically interested citizens beat up on the inside of the Chop, when it’s explained to you, on behalf of the European unification this or that was necessary. The mechanism is now also a theme at work, where the the Dead and chop the beat up, literally, to understand. Refers to the German arms exports, particularly those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

a Surprising number of people in Germany to babble anyway, recently, a plenty of crooked reasoning, the spread of the German armaments industry. The in condensed Form as: Germany should stop selling weapons to the Saudis, in the name of European integration.

skewed reasoning

Since Saudi Arabia and the UAE in March 2015, began in the bloody civil war in Yemen to intervene, were of such exports to both countries, although with the applicable German rules, difficult to be compatible (see no export “to countries involved in armed conflicts”). But that had not been the Grand coalition a long time, and then only in October 2018 after the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a temporary Export ban imposed. And also the only for Saudi Arabia because it was about Khashoggi, not the many dead in Yemen.

the Moratorium still applies today. The CDU would loosen it like to, at least partially. But many in the SPD, however, are that of group Deputy Rolf Mützenich on the defense expert Thomas Hitschler, up to the policy-makers Florian Post. And meanwhile, foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has discovered that the ongoing hostilities in Yemen is a poor prerequisite to delivering the Saudis and Emiratis new war device. But ironically, these two countries belonged to in the past few years to the best customers of the German arms companies (and both countries have used their weapons technology from German production grateful in the Yemen war, such as the star and its partners in the research project #GermanArms two weeks ago have shown).

So the delivery stop, of course, bad for the business of the German armaments industry; and under him also arms suffering companies in countries such as France and great Britain, connected with the German companies and their components need for the construction of 48 new fighter aircraft of the type Eurofighter, the British Partner of the Bavaria-based Eurofighter consortium with the Saudis have agreed. German deliveries to the rulers in Riyadh with a total value of around two billion euros hanging in the balance.

supplies for two billion is in limbo

In the case of some companies the nerve, it is said, quite blank. And so the arms lobby has discovered the topic of “Europe”. Germany is threatening to be in the circle of his closest European allies – such as France and the United Kingdom “isolated,” warned of these days Hans Christoph Atzpodien, chief Executive of the Federal Association of the German security and defence industry (BDSV), in which the German arms companies are organized. Yes, Atzpodien, warned even before “a further resolution of the common value consensus in core-Europe”.


German armored vehicles in use in the Yemen – what did Israel do in order to

Hans-Martin Tillack

mind you: The “value consensus” is supposedly not threatened, when Berlin receives on the British and French “”, the send to today’s weapons technology to Saudi Arabia. The Argument sounds absurd, but it has nevertheless found some followers – it goes to Europe. Even high-ranking officials of the Federal government to warn that Germany was isolated in the EU altogether. Not for nothing that the armor could Atzpodien lobbyist publish his warning against the loss of value consensus, even on the official website of the Federal Academy for security policy.

Also all kinds of journalists have taken over the argument. “The push to move other European countries to export to stop, failed,” claimed a well-known journalist of those days. The SPD wool impose about here is “the Rest of Europe, their high moral Standard” and “when in doubt, on a special national role of” insistence, asked bang the “mirror”. To the Germans it could “not” be allowed “to bind with her, in principle, a more restrictive approach to all,” concluded one commentator in the “daily mirror”.

Plenty of swashbuckling allegations of fact

It is a beautiful example of how the infamous “Framing” works. And it is a bad example to the suspect to disprove that journalists are sometimes in danger, in front of the cart of lobbyists margins. The Europe argument is based on some of the plenty of swashbuckling statements of fact.

Because Germany has in the question of arms deliveries to the Saudis, although France and Britain, but Berlin is by no means isolated. The Netherlands, like Denmark and Finland have stopped arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. So you go further than Germany. And even in the supposedly bellizist Japanese sentiment in France to 2018-proud 75 percent of respondents in a survey in March for a stop to the delivery to countries that are involved in the Yemen war. This is very similar to the Figures obtained in Germany.


principles broken

the Federal government leads us in arms exports to the nose

Hans-Martin Tillack

unlike sometimes claimed, it also lacks a common set of European rules. Exists in the Form of a 2008 of the EU member States adopted the official “Common position”, in Brussels Jargon it is the Common position 2008/944/CFSP. The is a bit cloudy, but he asks, for example, to deny an export licence “if there is a clear risk that the military technology or military goods, intended for export to be used to commit serious violations of international humanitarian law”.

experts of the United Nations have documented since the beginning of 2016 that the Saudi-led coalition operated strikes in Yemen, with “arbitrary”, residential areas and even hospitals attacks. The European Parliament calls, therefore, having regard to common position since September 2017 an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia. In November 2018, the EU Parliament, according to which both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates adopted a report, more should, “because these countries, by the competent authorities of the United Nations was established, are implicated in serious violations of humanitarian law are to be supplied”.

EU Parliament calls for ban on Exports to Saudis and Emirates

From the point of view of the EU Parliament, it is not Germany that leaves the European consensus. It is rather countries such as France and the United Kingdom, and Spain. The quoted resolutions in Brussels and Strasbourg, the house are not binding. The multi-ethnic chamber is quite notorious for their penchant for melodious and follow resolutions. Nevertheless, one should take the opinion of Parliament, perhaps at least as seriously as the views of the lobby Association of the defence industry.

That continued deliveries to Saudi-Arabia and the Emirates, with a view to the 2008 established EU rules could be problematic, even more business-related experts, for example, the Büdinger specialist lawyer Harald Hohmann. He, too, was surprised that Saudi Arabia and the UAE were still in 2017, of the ten countries for which the Federal government approved the total of the most valuable exports: “If it is clear to Repression or military equipment and not to purely civil and Dual – Use goods, it is in accordance with the CFSP position 2008/944 concern that these countries still belonged to 2017 of the leading recipients,” said Hohmann. “If you want to make exceptions to the CFSP point of view, because you look at certain countries as an Alliance partner, this should be done in a transparent way through a list of Countries on the EU level and in the principles of the Federal government,” says Hohmann.

Because such exports are not covered by the rules in force. In short: anyone Who calls now, in the name of Europe more arms exports to belligerent States, such as Saudi Arabia, do not want more Europe. No, who demands it, just want a different Europe, with laxer rules for arms exports.

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