On Monday a week ago, the 3 reported. Homicide squad of the Berlin police: “On the basis of the arrest warrant, investigators from the homicide arrests, the 27-Year-old today in the early evening hours in Berlin.”

Since then, he sits in custody: the brother-in-law of missing schoolgirl Rebecca. The investigators consider him strongly suspect, to have the youngest sister of his wife killed. But there’s no body and no confession. On the contrary, the matching media voice, according to reports, Florian R. denied after his arrest, to have something to do with the Disappearance of Rebecca’s. Also, the girl’s family believes in the innocence of their relatives.

With all the Conviction of the police, the 27-Year-old innocent to him in a possible court case the contrary is proved.

Rebecca’s brother-in-law in custody

one thing is Clear: Florian R. will not be able to forever remain in his cell in the remand prison in Berlin-Moabit. The pre-trial detention is used exclusively for the hedging of criminal proceedings and may be imposed according to the code of criminal procedure, if an urgent suspicion. It is a murder or manslaughter, is another so-called primer as an escape, or the danger of collusion is not required.

indiscretions and Prejudices

“illegal Drive”: a criminal defense lawyer attack, in the case of Rebecca investigators and the press

By Daniel Wüstenberg

That means in reverse: the evidence of the investigators for probable cause, Florian R.. If and when it is ready, nobody knows.

The Suspect, however, through his attorney, at any time, check whether the warrant of arrest must be maintained. A judge must then decide within 14 days. It will stay with the U-stick, could be a second request only after two months as a spokesman for the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office, explained in an interview with the star. The defense will use the funds only with Caution.

According to information of the “Bild”-Zeitung, Florian R. has requested no review of detention, the Prosecutor’s office would not comment on the request.

the New strategy of the police?

In General, the detention may last a maximum of six months, the investigations also have a certain degree of time pressure. Due to the allegedly thin evidence, in the investigator circles the fear that the case must be reopened, reported the “Berliner Morgenpost”. “That would be a Disaster,” said an official.

Currently, the investigators from going after a star-information, however, continues to firmly believe that the 15-Year-old the house of your sister and your brother-in-law on the Morning of the 18. February, unconscious, or even dead. You keep Florian R. on for a suspect.

According to a report by the “Berliner Kurier” considering the police to establish a special investigation group in the case of Rebecca. The high number of over 1200 References from the population could be executed this way better, because more officers would be available.

Here’s the stuff call the police.

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