After the Second world war, was proclaimed in 1949, the basic law of the Federal Republic of Germany, it says: “All people are equal before the law”. But it was not until 1994, the state was obliged to promote the equality between a man and a woman. A quarter of a century later, the discrimination has been eliminated in many of the rules actually. But still there are schemes in which women have the Look.

The policy will be criticized by the Grand coalition to see the political need for action: in Spite of parents money, the quota for women in leadership positions, minimum wage and the right to return to previous working hours, women were “still the risk that their possibilities are not fully exploited”, the SPD Deputy Sönke Rix. Marcus vineyard of the Union group, emphasizes: “in the year 2019, there are still examples where the state of women and men treated for no reason unequal.” A selection from the point of view of the woman political speaker in the Bundestag:

“Tampons are taxed as a luxury item”

personal hygiene products for women, so Tampons, napkins and menstrual cups, to fall 19 percent VAT – important necessities should be taxed with the reduced rate of 7 percent.


100 years Ago, a set of history. So it is with women in politics today


Ultimately, you pay for caviar, cut flowers, and art objects, so less taxes for the hygiene article on the women in everyday life are dependent. “This is a discrimination of women, we should abolish it”, calls the vineyard. “Feminine hygiene is part of the basic needs of 50 percent of the population and is taxed as a luxury item.”

More than 120,000 people have signed in the past few years, a Petition to the “Tampon Tax” on the Internet. The high taxation of Tampons and pads as “fiscal discrimination of women” is unconstitutional, argue Nanna-Josephine Roloff and Yasemin Kotra, which submitted the Petition. “How should a woman avoid your period?”

“, spouse-income Splitting promotes the Housewives-marriage”

experts see this tax rule as a cause for women to decide against a full-time Job. If the income of both partners are assessed, the numbers of women often from the very first Euro the high tax rate of the man – at least, if you earned less than he is. The spouse-Splitting favoring “the specialization in marriage in the sense of the activity of one partner and the provision of domestic services by the other partners,” – said in a report of the scientific Advisory Board of the Ministry of Finance.

The Gunda-Werner-Institute of the Green-affiliated Heinrich-Böll-criticized Foundation, the scheme to conserve the “requested service and house frauenehe”. Also, Rix sees a need for action: “The spouse-Splitting is the current role expectations of young couples, not more,” he says. “It should be reformed, therefore, for all New marriages.”

coincidence? Women in forms is usually the number 2

women are mentioned in the family books marriage certificates in second place. Just as in the income tax return – even if the woman is the main provider.

#neon ladies choice

Gender Gap

we can in terms of equality of Iceland learning

This caused a stir recently: A “hamburger” was the first to be a taxable Person in the category of “husband” and her husband as a second. In the tax office, the data had to be umgetragen manually – which delayed the tax bill for the family. The man asked for a lot of comments on the Internet, more modern forms. The for the Software competent state office for taxes in Bavaria, stressed the nationwide default order is random and has no rating.

The difficulty of re-entering the profession

children have on the labour market opportunities of women are different than men’s. Studies show that mothers earn less and are less likely to be invited to job interviews than women without a child. In the case of fathers, it is Vice versa. The science centre for social research in Berlin found that the length of the Parental leave has surprising effects: women with a short-time Parents are less likely to be invited for the interview. This could be attributed to just you with a lot of ambition in the profession. Necessary is the recognition that men are parents, time is sweet, but a source of enrichment, and also for the employers”, the FDP-woman politician Nicole Bauer was “simply.

(Un-)equality in merit

Although more and more women work, earn in many jobs less than men. With 21 percent in Germany, according to the German Institute for economic research (DIW), the hourly wage one of the largest earnings gaps in Europe – especially in Professions with long working hours. Should help actually, the pay transparency act: Everyone should be able to learn, what to earn the colleagues. However, a right to information only, anyone who works in an establishment with at least 200 employees and a minimum of six colleagues of the opposite sex with equivalent Job. Sabine Zimmermann, Deputy of the Left in the Bundestag, calls for “wage systems, which guarantee equal pay for work of equal value”.

Ulle Schauws of the Green interferes with something else: “laws that mainly affect women, will be fully discussed otherwise,” she says. It was a matter of the abortion paragraph 219a men, “were it not for these voices, the doubt, the decision-making ability of patients”.