How Do You Strengthen Your Lower Back And Core

Strengthen Your Lower Back And Core
Strengthen Your Lower Back And Core

Strengthening your lower back and core can be very beneficial to your body. It helps to reduce back pain and makes your legs and shoulder muscles strong. It also helps you to lose a considerable amount of weight. If you are suffering from back pain these kinds of exercises can help to increase the blood flow in the back area of your body and as a result, it would sooth any pain you are suffering from. Following are a few exercises to strengthen your lower back and core.


Bridges is a great exercise for the gluteus maximus which is one of the most important muscles of the buttocks. With the help of this exercise your gluteus works and soothes which helps in relief of any kind of pain, you have in your back area. The gluteus maximus is a very essential muscle for your body and if you keep it strong whole body moces swiftly and stys strong.

Knee to Chest Stretch

This exercise helps in stretching the back area. If any of your back muscles are cramped or in pressure this stretching exercise will help them loosen up and it would also help in relieving you from any kind of back pain.

Lower back rotational stretches

It basically helps soothing your stiff back and helps you release tension in the back area. It’s main purpose is to work on the core muscles to help you loosen up.

Pelvic Tilts

If your muscles are cramped by doing the serious workout or your lower body is tight this move can work wonders for you. It can get rid of sever back pains.

Lying Leg lifts

The lying leg lifts make the hip muscles work and if you have any neck pain or back pain this move can eradicate it. It starches the pelvic muscles helping you to release any stiffness or pressure you have in your muscles.

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Cat stretches

It is a very popular and widely used yoga pose. It has multiple benefits. This pose would help you in forming a better shape for your back and lose weight from any heavy portions in the back. It helps in stretching and releasing the tightness of stiff muscles.

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