in Front of one and a half years of the current Bundestag came together for the first time, this Thursday, the deputies will debate for the 92. Time in this legislature, in the Reichstag building.

And still the Bureau of the Parliament is not complete. President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) and his deputies Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU), Thomas Oppermann (SPD), Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP), Petra Pau (Left) and Claudia Roth (Green) were chosen to be relatively silent in the first session, the largest opposition group, had not brought about by their candidate, however: the AfD. And this is still the case today, although according to Paragraph 2 of the rules of procedure of the Bundestag, each group is entitled to at least one Vice.

Because of Islam-Statements

groups want to AfD candidate glasses not to Bundestag Vice


However, the basic law, article 38 applies, according to which each member is subjected only to his Conscience and not to the choice of a particular Person can be forced and so the AfD is without a Bundestag Vice-President.

Now the party takes a further start-up and nominated the Deputy Mariana Harder-Kühnel for the office. The AfD shall disclose significant differences between the government parties of CDU/CSU and the SPD.

The history of

First of all, the AfD in October of 2017, Albrecht Glaser sent into the race for the office of Vice-President. He was from the beginning highly controversial, among other things, because of Islamophobic Remarks. The parliamentary Manager of the SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, doubted at the time that the 77-Year-old standing on the floor of the basic law. SPD, FDP, greens and the Left made it clear that they will not be choose glasses. So it was then: In three rounds Glaser has not got the necessary number of votes. Further Experiments: in a totally hopeless situation.

looking for a replacement, the AfD would pluck Mariana Harder-Kühnel out of the hat. She was already two Times the vote and fell two Times. This Thursday, the third start-up follows, with an uncertain outcome.

Who Mariana Harder-Kühnel?

The 44-Year-old is a lawyer and represents the constituency of Main-Kinzig-Wetterau II-Schotten, adjacent to Frankfurt. She was the top candidate of the AfD in the state of Hesse. The mother of three children positioned themselves in the vicinity of the politically and in the tone of the more moderate members of the AfD group in the Bundestag. Krawalliges Occur, as some in your party, to the day, is not narrated by her.

“Spiegel Online” reports, meanwhile, that the Harder-Kühnel, the right to stand outside the group “The wings” of the Thuringian party leader Björn Höcke close. The flow is classified by the protection of the Constitution as a test case. So care the candidate numerous contacts to clear the right-positioned representatives of the party and you have joint appearances, supported. “I don’t want so someone is part of the state organ of the Bundestag Presidium”, – quotes “Spiegel Online” anonymous one of the members of the AfD. Harder-Kühnel did not respond to the report. The group spokesman had the following quote: “there’s No question, she has no fear of contact (with the ‘wings’; d. Red.). This is your advantage.”

Ominous donors

donations affair: Kubicki sees political end of rye and a massive financial hardships for AfD

Fixed: Harder-Kühnel is a very conservative family policy. Child benefit payments for children living abroad, declines. She warns: “We want to awaken in women the consciousness that their centuries-won freedoms and rights circles due to the immigration of people from the world of culture, in which some of the archaic notions of the role of women, are in danger.”

As one of the 62 Secretary of the Bundestag Harder-Kühnel has collected in the past few months, experience in what it means to pass it on to the side of the respective presidents of the plenary sessions. Never there had been any doubt as to your neutrality and complaints, she says.

Why the choice for a fight?

The answer is ironically, Harder-Kühnel. Many of the members were in a Dilemma, she said. “On the one hand, you have a Problem with the AfD. On the other hand, you know that the AfD is entitled as the largest opposition group, a seat on the Bureau.”

It goes, so to speak, to the question of Conscience or the rules of procedure? But something else, the deputies of the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Left and Greens to drives: Will be made with the election of a AfD-politician, Vice-President of the Bundestag of the right-wing populism salon? Or can be prevented so that the AfD can present itself as an eternal victim?

It is already flared in the run-up to a heated discussion. Especially the black-red coalition government presents itself divided.


John Kahrs

AfD-scandal in the Bundestag: SPD-politician complained in a star Interview “Mimimi that the radical Right is”

the CDU/CSU wants to vote, the Chairman of Ralph brinkhaus now for the AfD candidate. He had decided after a conversation with her to take this step, said the CDU-politician, according to data from groups of Participants in the meeting of the Union group. At his side, Michael Grosse-Brömer, Parliamentary Secretary of the Union group jumped. Among all the candidates, which would in the case of the AfD for the Post in consideration, was Harder-Kühnel “it certainly is a moderate candidate,” he said in the ARD morning magazine. The members would have to ensure, “that we are in the AfD, no Martyr status”.

However, there are in the ranks of the Union rejection. The integration Commissioner of the Federal government, Annette Widmann-Mauz, does not want to support the candidate. “The representative of a party, the atrocities are trivialized in our history, and our society is split, I can’t give my vote,” said Widmann-Mauz of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. The Saxon CDU member of Parliament Marco wall wit announced, “to vote against the candidate of large Parts of open disdain for democracy, radical right-wing party”.

In the SPD did in the discussion of the AfD once more, the influence of budget expert Johannes Kahrs forth. “I’m going to choose no Right-wing, as Vice-President,” said he. So it will keep the entire SPD, which was the result of a group meeting, he said.

In a Statement, twelve SPD deputies, it does not mean, according to “Focus Online”, the Harder-Kühnel was “for us, as Vice-President of the German Bundestag selectable”. “The AfD from splits, borders and races – not least, by a departure from the culture of memory is required to the Nazi crimes, or people with disabilities, different skin colour, or women, are devalued.”

The parliamentary Manager of the Greens, Britta Haßelmann said, according to the Berliner “Tagesspiegel”, your group will give to the personnel, no recommendation to its members. In the end, it would depend on how many of the members that voted so far, with no can now, with one abstention, by rings.

Open letter

party founder Lucke urges AfD members: “Break with the right-wing extremists!”


FDP party leader Christian Lindner announced that he would vote for the AfD-wife. He also tried the slightly skewed image of the Martyr to the party stylize otherwise. “The German Bundestag holds,” said Lindner to its decision.

For the Left, a choice of Harder-Kühnel’s not coming, according to reports in question. The group should not have given the candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves.

Bernd Baumann, the parliamentary Secretary of the AfD described the behavior of the other groups, however, simply as a “monkey theatre”.

it is Clear in all the discussion: The choice of a running secret. The announcements of individual politicians and the parties do not indicate the vote of the rest of the group behavior of the members. The outcome of the election is open.

How is the vote?

The vote is scheduled, according to the agenda for about 14 hours. In the third ballot a majority of the votes cast is sufficient for election not, as in the two times previously, the majority of all the members of the Bundestag (355 votes). Abstentions do not count.

The outcome of the vote will largely depend on how many of the members have gathered in the plenary, and for Yes-or-no vote.

The debate and vote you can follow here in live stream.

note: This article was completed after the publication of the “Spiegel Online”report, the possible “wing”Connections Harder-Kühnels to the corresponding passages.

sources: to §2 of the rules of procedure of the Bundestag article 38 of the basic law, the biography of Mariana the Harder-Kühnel, the agenda of the Bundestag, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, ARD morning magazine, “Focus Online”, “daily mirror”, “mirror Online”, news Agency DPA


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