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house of Commons Mays approves Plan for possible displacement of the Brexit (21.12 hours)Cohen hints at further allegations against Trump (19.32 PM)poll: majority of Germans for the construction of the Pipeline Nord Stream 2 (18.20)terrorist helpers Motassadeq will have to get in front of the deportation of 7000 Euro (17.41 PM), USB-Stick, in the case of Lügde discovered (17.10)To double-name-joke: WDR cuts in “carnival in Cologne” Stelter scene out of it (14.05 PM)

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+++ 22.25 PM: seven-year-old Boy crashes into Berlin from the tenth floor and dies +++

A seven-year-old Boy is in Berlin, Dating from the tenth floor of an apartment building toppled and the consequences of his injuries died. The accident occurred in the district of Neu-hohenschonhausen, such as the fire and rescue services in the short message service Twitter. Resuscitation attempts, the child had been unsuccessful. A police spokesman said, according to previous findings it was a “tragic accident” without third-party negligence. The relatives were attended to by emergency chaplains.

+++ 21.12 at: house of Commons Mays approves Plan for possible displacement of the Brexit +++

The British house of Commons has voted in favour of the new Brexit strategy of Prime Minister Theresa May, which could lead to a shift of the exit date of the end of March. The deputies approved the on Tuesday presented a Three-stage Plan, which is the head of government gives more time for the renegotiations with the EU. It should be up to 12. March not obtain the necessary majority for the exit agreement, would the house of Commons on 13. and 14. March through an outlet without a contract vote or a postponement.

+++ 19.54 PM: Cohen suggests further allegations against Trump +++

The Ex-lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, has indicated that there are, in addition to the already well-known allegations against the US President. Cohen mentioned in his hearing before the US Congress, but no Details. A member had asked him whether he behavior of further misconduct or illegal acts did not know the Trump concern. Cohen said Yes, but said he could not comment on this because it was part of ongoing investigations in New York.

Here you will find the major events and findings from the hearing in the Overview.

Cohen, who has worked for more than a decade, for Trump, is a Central figure in several Affairs to the President. He turned away from him and him into court and testify in distress. Cohen says that he has paid on behalf of Trumps in the election campaign hush money to two women, the harm to the candidate away. Trump accuses him of lying.


hearing before the Congress

trump’s Ex-lawyer settles and suggests new allegations. The events at a Glance

While US President Donald Trump in Vietnam lingers, threatens him at home adversity: His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has said in front of Congress. The most important events in the hearing in the Overview.

DPA +++ 19.16 PM: FIFA chief defends investors, quote: “There is nothing lazy” +++

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino has shown a lack of understanding in the face of skepticism to an investor offer for the marketing of a reformed Club world Cup and a new Nations League. “What is a bit funny, is that in every other business, when (…) the Chairman comes to you and says, I have (…) to 25 billion, then you say maybe not congratulations, but maybe at least: not badly,” said Infantino at the conclusion of the Executive Football Summit in Rome. In football or in FIFA “hulls, some of the nose”. “It’s nothing lazy, it’s nothing bad, it just shows that there is interest” and “FIFA has a good, clean name today, and a term”.

+++ 18.20: poll: majority of Germans for the construction of the Pipeline Nord Stream 2 +++

A majority of Germans is in favour of according to a survey the construction of the controversial Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 between Germany and Russia. The opinion research Institute YouGov has established for the choice of the monitor of the editors ‘ network in Germany, 56 percent of respondents are in favour of the construction of the Pipeline through the Baltic sea. 16 percent on Wednesday publish a survey for a stop of the project. 27 percent do not want to set. Nord Stream 2 is currently being relocated over 1200 kilometres between Germany and Russia through the Baltic sea to bring Russian natural gas to Europe. A number of EU countries and the USA are opposed to the project.

The most controversial project in Europe

Nord Stream 2 – how Russia and Germany, the geopolitical facts

make It the most controversial energy project in Europe: Nord Stream 2 is. Russia and Germany are pressing ahead with the construction and creating facts in the geopolitical struggle for Power and billion.

+++ 18.02 PM: report: Ford builds thousands of jobs in China +++

Ford is responding to a newspaper report in accordance with comprehensive job cuts on poor business in China. The joint venture Changan Ford had already been begun to dismiss thousands of the total of 20,000 employees, wrote the “New York Times” without giving sources.

Changan Ford confirmed, on demand only that some contracts had not been renewed. In the Statement, it was said, however, that the efficiency must be increased, and the company just put out his Team leaner, market conditions, 2019.

+++ 17: 46: Venezuela proposes summit between Maduro and Trump before +++

Venezuela has a summit between the left-nationalist head of state, Nicolás Maduro and US President, Donald Trump brought to the game. The Venezuelan foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, said before the UN human rights Council in Geneva that his country was counting on “the path of Dialogue, even with the United States”. He added: “Why shouldn’t they meet, President Trump and President Maduro?”

At the same time, Arreaza attacked the United States because of its support for the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó sharp. The Minister described the policy of Washington as an “Aggression” against his country. The United States would deprive the Venezuelan people of food and medicine.

+++ 17.41 PM: terror helper Motassadeq will have to get in front of the deportation of 7000 Euro +++

In the case of the deportation of the terrorist helper Mounir el Motassadeq to Morocco in the Hamburg prison is Fuhlsbüttel prison may be a glitch unweakened. The prison administration paid the 44-Year-old around 7,000 euros in cash from his inmate account, although payments to him were forbidden according to EU-regulation, according to “The mirror”. The Deutsche Bundesbank’ve refunded a few days after the deportation of the Moroccan in October of last year, display. The payment was in breach of the foreign business act. The Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office have launched investigations.

A spokeswoman for the authority confirmed the report of the news magazine. Motassadeq belonged to people with a connection to the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, all of whose funds were frozen by the EU-regulation no 881/2002. The investigation of the payoff is not directed against a particular covered Person. Motassadeq was a member of the so-called Hamburg cell to the death of the pilots, Mohammed Atta, had been controlled in 2001, one of the planes into the World Trade Center in New York. The Hamburg-based group consisted of two more of the four terrorist pilots, and in addition to Motassadeq at least five supporters.

+++ 17.14: judgment: basic payment account must not cost 8,99 Euro / month +++

A monthly price of 8.99 euros for a basic account, according to a ruling by the higher regional court (OLG) Frankfurt am Main. As the OLG announced on Wednesday, the price is not reasonable and therefore invalid. Also, a fee of 1,50 Euro per Transfer by an employee on the phone or in the store, therefore, is for a basic Bank account is too expensive. Thus, the applicant consumer has won the Central Association in the appeal against the Deutsche Bank. (Az. 19 U 104/18)

+++ 17.10: USB-Stick, in the case of Lügde discovered +++

In the case of the re-search in the abuse scandal of Lügde, a special data carrier tracker a USB Stick discovered. The justice of the state of Saxony borrowed shepherd Arthur discovered accused the disk in the Dwelling of the principal, the police announced on Wednesday. The USB-Stick could not be tested, therefore, on content. In addition to the nitrogen, further data had been found, to the extent that the search had been a success.


state Parliament is investigating the abuse scandal of Lügde

should continue to search The track on Thursday at the campsite. In the case of the seventh accused, led by 16-Year-old want to check the investigators also whether or not this is even become victims of sexual abuse.

The abuse series of Lügde was on 30. January has become known. On the local campsite to have been in need of for a period of more than ten years, at least 31 children miss. Most of them were at the time between four and 13 years old.

+++ 16: 46: Lithuania, due to a secret CIA prison before the human rights court of justice +++

a man from Saudi Arabia in a secret CIA jail in Lithuania have been brought? With this question, the European court of human rights (ECtHR) deals coming soon – and negotiate again about a possible secret prison of the CIA in the country. The government in Vilnius on Wednesday decided the appeal of the Saudis due to unlawful detention in the Baltic EU and Nato – the state of the Strasbourg court to negotiate.

“We do not have any solid or reasonable evidence that the Person could have been in Lithuania”, – said the head of government Saulius Skvernelis to BNS Agency, according to journalists in Vilnius. “There is absolutely nothing”. Lithuania will seek, therefore, not a settlement, but the complaint, reject, and proceedings before the court.

+++ 1643: refund of social assistance should not make them the heirs to the social case +++

The reimbursement of cost of care of a deceased person is not allowed to make his heir self to the social case. In principle, however, the survivors must give their heritage to the coverage of social assistance benefits and, where appropriate, also a house to sell, as on Wednesday, the Federal decided by the social court (BSG) in Kassel. (Az.: B 8 to 15/17 R)

Afterwards, you can stay for a 83-year-old widow from the district of Osnabrück, may be in the marital home, where she has lived since 1964. The house and property belonged to her husband, who lived in a nursing home. The cost had taken social assistance.

+++ 16.41 PM: Young hackers have extorted extorting companies and public authorities +++

the young Hacker with a cyber attack several large companies and authorities. On Wednesday, investigators found during searches in Bochum, Hamburg and in the district of Lahr (Baden-Württemberg) evidence, such as the office of the public Prosecutor in Cologne and the Landeskriminalamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (LKA) said. Also in Austria and Switzerland was established.

The three Suspects, two of them still a minor, therefore, already in the year 2017 with so-called DDoS attack (“Distributed Denial of Service”) on the respective websites and IT infrastructures of an Overload of the Server have caused. As a result, this could not be temporarily used, was said in the message. Then, the hackers had demanded money, to avoid the further attacks. Against them is now determined, among other things, for extortion.

+++ 15.49 watch: British Parliament begins with debate on further Brexit-steps +++

The British Parliament started on Wednesday with the debate on the next steps in the EU-exit of the country. In the evening (from 20 o’clock CET) to be voted on several motions from the ranks of the Opposition, and the proposal for a decision of the government. Prime Minister Theresa May wants to up to 12. March time to get to Changes to your Brexit-negotiate the agreement with the EU. Parliament speaker John Bercow selected five of the twelve proposed Amendments. Including a request from the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn of the social democratic and Labour party, which provides for closer ties with the EU, as previously planned by the government. The Scottish national party (SNP) wants to give a Brexit without agreement with your request in all circumstances is a cancellation.

+++ 14.53 PM: fewer and fewer students in the UK foreign languages +++

to learn is less and less pupils in the UK learning foreign languages: Since the year 2000 their number declined by almost half, as the broadcasting station, the BBC reported. The number of pupils learning English and French, declined according to the study, even by two-thirds. Because English and French are the students so unpopular, you will not be offered in some schools. The BBC interviewed students preparing for the middle school, completion of GCSE. Immhe’s more British students of Spanish or Mandarin learning. In the case of Spanish, there was an increase of 75 percent.