After the third rejection of the Brexit agreement in the British Parliament, Prime Minister Secretary Theresa May wants to try another start-up.

you might, for the fourth Time on Tuesday or Wednesday in your Brussels agreed a Deal to vote, reported the British news Agency PA.

A government representative did not want to confirm this on Sunday on request. A speaker of Parliament stressed that such an appointment could be made at the earliest on Monday officially lashed.

Desperately, the members are looking for Ways out of Brexit-cul-de-SAC. Otherwise, a withdrawal without agreement, threatening at 12. April, or a re-shift of the Brexits. For Monday is scheduled in the house of another round of sample votes on Alternatives to the exit agreement, such as the whereabouts of great Britain in a customs Union with the EU. The upcoming Wednesday is also provided.

The Brexit Officer of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, was on Sunday confident that this week could be found in London, a way out of the cul-de-SAC. “I remain optimistic for a possible breakthrough for a customs Union,” said Verhofstadt, the Belgian channel VTM. The UK would be in a customs Union with the EU, would solve a lot of problems. “We will avoid a hard Brexit and solve the Problem of the Irish border.”

On the weekend, the parliamentarians in London, and arguing too vigorously about the elections as a possible way out of the mess. Especially the oppositional head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn sees his Chance.

The former British Minister of education, Nicky Morgan and other politicians brought the possibility of an all-party government into the game. It must be ensured a majority in the lower house, to an orderly exit from the European Union, said the Tory politician on the BBC. Her proposal met with a mixed response. Morgan is traded for the succession of the head of government May – in addition to more than a dozen other candidates.

There is no ideal solutions, said justice Minister David Gauke on Sunday in a BBC Interview. He warned of the dangers of an unregulated Brexits and announced for the event of his resignation.

More than six million people Online signed up Sunday to Petition for the whereabouts of Britain in the EU. On Monday will be debated in the lower house. The government announced that it opposes a withdrawal of the resignation and the Referendum in 2016, not feel bound. At the time, had voted by a slim majority for Brexit.

Should show up in the next few days, no way out of Brexit-misery, would have to apply to the British government, as well as a long postponement of the EU-exit, and the participation of great Britain in the European elections in late may organize. EU-great-grandson, Donald Tusk, had argued to keep this Option open. He has to 10. April a EU special summit to be convened.

The possible participation in the European election of 23. to 26. May wakes up but on both sides of the channel resistance. According to a report in “the Sun,” warned about 170 parliamentarians from the ruling Conservative party, the UK should, if possible, escape soon and would no longer be able to participate in the European elections.

The CSU MEP Manfred Weber turned to, in turn, against a participation of great Britain in the European election: “If a country wants to leave the EU, then it should have no influence on the design of the Union,” said the party leader and top candidate of the European people’s party on Saturday in Nuremberg, Germany. The European social Democrats see it differently. As long as the UK, EU member, “according to the law no Alternative,” said the group, chief Udo Bullmann, the German press Agency.

Not a clarification, it is ruled out this week. In the first round of voting on Alternatives to Mays agreement there had been on Wednesday for any of the eight proposals, a majority. However, observers consider it possible that the deputies could agree on one of the variants that had fared best. The proposals for the UK to remain permanently in a customs Union with the EU, or that the British people decide in a new Referendum on the Deal.

The EU is open to negotiations about a closer connection to the United Kingdom. The hopes of a second referendum and a move away from Brexit are not extinguished. 2016 had spoken, a slim majority of the British people in a Referendum for the country’s exit from the EU.

With a possible Brexit-a very different kind of international train traffic had to follow fight: A protester was held back for many hours, the Eurostar trains between London and Paris. British media alleged on Saturday that the protest March was the man to be a participant in a Brexit-as he wore a British Flag. The 44-Year-old had spent the night on the roof of the station at St Pancras in London and was taken after about twelve hours.