The British Parliament has rejected the between Brussels and London negotiated Brexit agreement. With 432 to 202 vote, the deputies voted on Tuesday evening in London against the Deal, Prime Minister Theresa May.

The power struggle between the government and the Parliament about the Brexit course, it will probably intensify even more. The UK wants the European Union on 29. March, leave. There is no agreement, threatens to leave the community without agreement. For this case, it is expected chaotic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

Labour wants new elections to force

after the vote, the opposition Labour party has lodged a motion of censure against the government of Prime Minister Theresa May. The head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn announced. May is ready to face already this Wednesday, the vote of the members.

vote in Parliament

The Brexit-armed: Five things you need to know


A successful vote of no confidence is the only way the Opposition can trigger an election. Chances of success to be given to the Labour Initiative, but barely. You need the help of rebels from the conservative government, group, or the Northern Irish-Protestant DUP, which supports with your ten votes on the minority government. Both is not in sight.

Should win, May the vote of confidence as expected, would be Corbyn but under a lot of pressure to get behind the call for a second Brexit Referendum. He has not ruled out this Option, but it is the that a new election is impossible.

May had campaigned passionately for the Deal

May had immediately advertised before the vote, a passion for the negotiated Brexit agreement with the EU. “A vote against this Deal is a vote for nothing more than uncertainty, division and the very real risk of a “No Deal”,” she said. A Yes is the only safe way is to have an unregulated outlet apply to prevent the UK from the EU. “This is the most important vote that any of us will be participating in his political career,” said May. This decision will each of the parliamentarians to defend, and with you for many years to live.

between May and Brussels negotiated agreement provides for a Transitional period until at least 2020. In this period, would remain in principle the same.

The Deal is not only in Opposition to rejection, but also in large Parts of the government group and in the case of the Northern Irish DUP, of whose votes the conservative minority government is dependent.

Particularly, the Northern Ireland question

is controversial mainly as a Backstop, to be referred to a guarantee for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU-member Republic of Ireland is controversial. The scheme is intended to prevent, in case of emergency, the introduction of border controls. It is feared, otherwise, a resumption of the conflict in the former civil war region.

The Backstop, the entire country remains in a customs Union with the EU, until an other solution has been found. Northern Ireland would have to remain in Parts of the internal market. The opposition to the DUP. It rejects any special treatment in the province.

Brexit-hardline Tories fear that Britain could be held by the scheme permanently in Orbit of the EU. Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, warned even before that, that his country was becoming the “vassal state” of the EU. As long as the UK applies the external tariffs of the EU, London is not required to conclude a trade agreement with third countries – for example, the USA.

it is Unclear how the government’s approach

want to, it is Unclear how the government now intends to proceed. May should survive to erqwarten the vote of no-confidence on Wednesday as it must according to the will of Parliament until the next Monday (21. January) a Plan B is required. Whether this will happen is unclear, however.

The Brexit-the agreement was on the 25th. November of the heads of state and government of the other 27 EU States have been approved. Previously, had worked at dealer for 17 months to the Deal. The EU has made it clear that there will be no renegotiations.

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