With the construction of a huge artificial island will ease Hong Kong’s acute housing problem in the metropolis. The cost of the mammoth project will amount to the equivalent of EUR 70 billion, as the city administration announced on Tuesday. The building on the island of Lantau will begin, therefore, by the year 2025, seven years later, to the first residents in their new apartments to move in.

The artificial island will cover, according to the plans on 1000 acres, and thus three Times as large as Central Park in New York. You should provide space for the 260,000 homes. The island is the most expensive infrastructure project in the history of Hong Kong.

Dubai’s famous island at a cost of “only” 12 billion

The project will cost four Times as much as in 1998, opened international airport on Lantau, and also Dubai’s artificial island of Palm Dschumeira in the shadows, the construction of which had converted devoured twelve billion dollars.

house and out of the printer

This house only costs 4000 Euro and is designed to relieve the homelessness fight

Gernot Kramper

The new island to the tight housing market in the overpriced metropolis. The project meets in Hong Kong, but also to criticism. Thousands of people were involved in protests against the artificial island. You complain about the high cost, they also feared damage to the under water world around Lantau. Hong Kong stand in front of the collapse, and the new island will further exacerbate the crisis, wrote the oppositional Deputy Eddie Chu on Facebook.

Hong Kong loves the superlatives

The authorities in the Chinese special administrative zone plan the construction of a further 700-hectare island off Lantau. Details of this project are not yet known. In the past year, was inaugurated on Lantau already the longest sea bridge in the world. The 55-kilometre-long structure connects the two special administrative zones of Hong Kong and Macao with the Chinese mainland. Critics saw in the giant project, a further attempt of Beijing, Hong Kong more closely to the people’s Republic.