After mass protests has exposed Hong Kong’s plans for a controversial bill for deliveries to China. The head of government, Carrie Lam, announced today.

The law on Extradition would allow Hong Kong authorities, of China, suspected and wanted persons to the people’s Republic to deliver. Critics warn that China’s judiciary is independent and serves as a tool of political persecution. Also torture and ill-treatment. For this Sunday is again announced a Demonstration.

last weekend, had demonstrated according to different estimates, between one hundred thousands and one Million Hong Kong against the government’s plan. After that, it came on Wednesday to heavy clashes between police and protesters, who have been officially classified as a “riot”. The security forces had used tear gas, batons, water cannons and pepper spray to repel thousands of demonstrators.

By the protests and riots of the non-freely elected Parliament had to postpone its deliberations on the law this week. Actually, the Beijing-abiding majority should adopt the law on the coming Thursday in the third reading. A second reading would be necessary.

The Demonstration last Sunday was, according to observers, the largest in Hong Kong since the Protest against the bloody suppression of the democracy movement in Beijing three decades ago, at the 4. June 1989.

The unrest in Hong Kong remind us of the “umbrella”movement five years ago. At the time, the protesters with their calls for more democracy in Hong Kong had laid about weeks of parts of the Asian economic and financial metropolis of the lame. The law on Extradition, which many see as a “tool of intimidation”, has this time mobilised even more in Hong Kong.

The former British crown colony is governed since the handover to China in 1997, according to the principle of “one country, two systems” as its own territory autonomously. Unlike the people in the people’s Republic of Hong Kong enjoy under the basic law, the Chinese special administrative region, the right to freedom of expression and of the press and freedom of Assembly.