scientists, care experts and advocacy groups are calling for a different approach to alcohol, the sick, the elderly in aged care facilities.

“homes need to develop an awareness of the problem,” said the Bonn-based care researchers and specialists in geriatrics, Dirk K. Wolter. The same is true in respect to sleeping and sedative. “It’s about enlightenment concepts, a warning system and an intensive collaboration with family doctors,” he said. “I am of the opinion that in the homes of people with alcohol-related disorders must be more strongly taken into account,” reiterated the Mannheim-based Gerontologist Martina Schäufele.

The theme would have to be much more likely to be rooted in care for the elderly, also said care expert Andreas Kutschke. In the training, it will completely neglected. He criticised the fact that always only improvements for people with dementia. “But we also have problems with other groups: depressed elderly, alcoholics, seniors, tranquilizers dependent seniors.” This must be included in Considerations for the improvement of care as well.

of The care, the protection of the Federal BIVA pointed out in this connection, the human duration problem of care for the elderly: “to alcohol, the sick, residents with good care, it needs sufficient staff. On a chronically under-occupied Station in the worst case, may even be the tiring effect of alcohol tacitly taken, in order for the residents at night to sleep through.”


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