Eddie Ford died on the 29. January at the age of 85 years. The Jewish man from the canadian city of Toronto was raised in Budapest, where it was during the occupation by the Nazis, a Christian family hid. So Ford survived the Holocaust, while many of his family died in the camps, members in concentration. After the war, they moved to Ford Canada about.

he died at a cancer alone and without relatives, only a nephew was still living in Detroit, reported the American news channel CNN. But Ford was incorporated until his death in the Jewish community. The Rabbi Zale Newman should carry out the funeral according to Jewish Tradition. And he feared that no one would come to Ford’s funeral. However, he experienced a Surprise.

Only three people to the funeral announced – 200

came is For a Jewish funeral, as for every other Jewish worship service, called a minyan, a minimum number of ten participants. “We don’t want that someone leaves the world alone,” said Newman to CNN. However, on a Facebook-call of the Rabbis, in which he asked to be a “hero of the Holocaust,” the last honor, were reported by only three people.

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Posted by Zale Newman on Thursday, 31. January 2019

Newman arrived the next day at the cemetery, he found the site, however, is hardly the way to the grave, so many cars blocked the driveway. “I initially thought, it would have to be another funeral,” writes Newman on his Facebook page. But after a little asking Around, it was clear that All had come because of Eddie Ford. More than 200 people wanted to adopt an Unknown and at temperatures below the freezing point. “We have Eddie, a reasonable, loving Transition into the next world,” says Newman.

– Lost brother appears on the

His call was distributed without his Knowledge in various Facebook groups. Even Ford’s long-lost brother, attended the ceremony and said a prayer for the dead. “It moves me to tears, how wonderful it is to belong to the Jewish people, in the short term, all of (…), to accompany a small, unknown Jews from Budapest on his last journey,” writes Newman. Post In the comments of the people who were at the funeral present, pictures and Videos.

Posted by Ronen Israelski on Thursday, 31. January 2019

“Eddie has not left the world alone,” said Zale Newman to CNN. “He has experienced the worst and the best side of humanity.”

sources: CNN / Zale Newman on Facebook