It should be a two-week vacation, but he ended up in a 14-month nightmare. The Briton Laura Plummer was arrested by 2017 at the port of entry to Egypt at the airport, because she had medicines for her husband. But the pain killers are banned in the North African country. A judge sentenced the then-33-Year-old to three years in prison. Now, she was pardoned.

As the Sun reported exclusively, she was accompanied on Sunday by police officers to the airport, where your mother and your sister joined you in the arms. From her husband she cannot say good-bye. “I’m so happy to be finally out of prison and come home,” quoted the young woman. “I just want to take home, a long bath and my own bed.”


British woman threatened with the death penalty because of pain pills in his Luggage

a 25-square-meter cell, without a window

The seller is from the English Hull was at 9. October 2017 at the port of entry to Egypt with 290 Tramadol tablets and a bit of Naproxen in the Luggage was detained. Tramadol is banned in Egypt, because the drug can also be used as a heroin substitute used. The painkillers she wanted to bring her Egyptian husband, who suffers pain according to its information, since a car accident chronic back. “I’d almost forgotten to pack and put them in the suitcase on my clothes,” says Plummer.

But neither the police nor the Prosecutor believed her. They locked the young woman for smuggling in a 25-square-meter cell, without a window, which she had to share with other female detainees. From the planned two weeks of vacation at the beach for 14 months in a dark prison cell. Your involuntary long stay in Egypt, they are referred to as “holiday hell”.

her husband had visited her every month in prison and at the side of your family for them to be released. “I love him and he loves me,” says Plummer. Their love had passed the traumatizing most of all the tests. “For this reason, I can’t say that I’ll never go back.”