of Thuringia, the AfD-Chef Björn Höcke demanded with a view to the deadly attack on Frankfurt’s main train station, a stricter deportation policy.

“The murder in Frankfurt was not an isolated case, this is the result of – and this may sound a bit cynical – man-made climate change,” said Höcke during the election campaign the AfD-youth Young Alternative (JA) in Cottbus. “I’m talking about the social climate change in this country before all our eyes since the 4. September 2015 is happening.” He referred to the day as German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) made a decision, for several Thousand of the borders, refugees open to Germany.

last Monday, a 40-year-old man had a mother and her eight-year-old son in front of a run-in ends of the pushed train. The Boy was run over by a train, the mother was able to save himself. In Switzerland living Eritrean, was arrested as the suspected perpetrator.

1. September is chosen in Brandenburg and Saxony, a new state Parliament, Thuringia on 27. October it. In Saxony, the AfD was last in the polls, neck and neck with the CDU in Brandenburg, she was neck and neck with the SPD or even before in the first place.

According to Höcke foreigners commit in Germany is above average offenses. Bodily injury, sexual Assault, murder and manslaughter by immigrants have increased significantly between 2014 and 2018 – this is a reference to data of the Federal office of criminal investigation. He called for consequences and said with a view to the elections: “We want an adoption culture in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony for illegal immigrants.” You should also think about “border protection at the country’s borders”. As he shouted, “We want our Black-and-Red-and-Gold-country back”, there was applause.

A study by the media scientist Thomas Hestermann (Hamburg, Germany) and Elisa Hoven (Leipzig, Germany), according to the AfD fuels in press releases on the topic, crime a systematic fear of immigrants. The scientists had analyzed all 242 press releases of the AfD on the topic of crime in Germany last year, and with the crime statistics compared to: “as far as the AfD called for a suspect’s nationality, this is to 95 percent of the foreigners said only 5 percent German”, Hestermann on request. Party leader Jörg Meuthen said in the ZDF summer interview that his party would on a “special problem”.

The Brandenburg AfD country Manager and the top candidate, Andreas Kalbitz attacked in Cottbus, Germany the climate protection requirements of the Green and the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. “If we do everything that Greta and the Greens say, we will not fly, no more meat eating, at the best, are children no more wars,” said Kalbitz. In the meantime, everyone make a camp fire in the garden, a “climate Nazi”.

not far from the venue of the young Alternatives in Cottbus, a broad Alliance of “appeal from Cottbus protested” under the Motto “space reference: Höcke”. Brandenburg’s culture Minister Martina Münch (SPD), which took part, said: “We want to show that we are a majority.”

Höcke is the founder of the national “wing” in the AfD, which is classified as the YES by the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution as a “suspected case” in the field of right-wing extremism. Kalbitz is also included.

party leader Meuthen criticized an event of the “wing” at the beginning of may in Bavaria, in the all three verses of the Germany-have been the song sung at the Höcke smiling stood. “The operations, which we should, and we don’t have that in the AfD that was a “wings”event, and the “wing” is not part of the AfD,” said Meuthen in the ZDF summer interview. “The members who are within our program and at the same time the “wings” belong, belong, without, If and But to our party, those who represent extremist positions, which is a small minority, I am very much in earnest.”

Meuthen acknowledged a “direction of exploration”, but self-aware: “I’m very, very sure, that’s why I see it more relaxed than some of the other, that the majorities are there, no matter where I am, so bourgeois, conservative, liberal.”

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