Maybe it’s the reward for the year long effort, the Piotr Koper has put in the search for the still missing gold train. Maybe it is a happy coincidence. The Polish Amateur historian, it doesn’t matter. He couldn’t believe his eyes as a few days ago, first of all, small traces of colour seen under the plaster of a wall in the ballroom of the castle nobility of Bach out from. He had removed the plaster then carefully. “All of a sudden I looked up an Emperor in the face,” says Kober, the Moment when he found something, after he had not sought. “Those were big emotions,” he told the German press Agency.


gold train-hunter, Andreas Richter

so you believe furthermore, that a Nazi train?

By Alexander Meyer-Thoene-portrait-gallery-50 square meters

according to estimates, a total of 22 portraits of German and Bohemian ruler in the middle of the 16. Century – roughly between 1560 and 1570. Nine of them have placed experts already. By a “unique Fund” speaks Krzysztof Wieczorek, the owner of the 700-year old castle in the lower Silesia Struga. Accordingly, the portrait gallery extends over an area of more than 50 square meters. Wieczorek leaves the castle for a few years, expensive to renovate. By the end of next year it will be open to visitors. Alone the valuable wall paintings are likely to lure some more people in the rooms of the castle.

Nazi Gold in Poland

German treasure seeker provides information on the spilt Tunnel

DPA Koper remains of the Nazi Gold on the track

Koper is happy, its actually the dream, he is not buried but still. Most recently, he had dug at railway km. 65 after the armored train of the Nazis. Ground-penetrating radar images led him to 2016 at this point. But this is him too expensive. Tens of thousands of euros he has invested in it already. Now working on a new Plan. The money, about 60,000 Euro, he wants to collect with the help of his Foundation’s gold train. At which point he will then dig further, does not want to Koper betrayed. “Otherwise crowds of people towards the pilgrims as the same tomorrow,” he suspects.

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