When Forbes magazine created its list of the 500 richest people in the world, it is already difficult, what is wealth, and who should be included in the list. Should someone who is hoarding his assets out of the country, such as Vladimir Putin, taken into account? No, says Forbes.

you Want to create a historical list of the richest people, faces even greater challenges. How can you compare the wealth of the pre-industrial era with that of today? One method proposes the use of a group of Scientists from “Measuring Worth” Website, which was launched by Economists and history professors. You propose to set the personal possession of a person in relation to the total economic production of a country, the gross domestic product. Or in relation to the world economy.

The business magazine “Money” has made the effort to apply this method and to create with the help of Economists and historians a list of the richest people in the story – at least as far as this is possible, because the data is partially defective.

1. Mansa Musa (1280 – 1337)

probably The richest man in history was according to these estimates, Mansa Musa I of Mali. He was known during his lifetime as the “king of kings” and was already in the 14. Century as the richest person in the world. His wealth he owed the Gold. The West African Empire was at the time, the largest gold producer in the world.

How wealthy Mansa Musa was, in fact, can hardly be discretion. The king was richer “than someone could describe it,” wrote the historian Jacob Davidson.

Traditions are evidence of the immense wealth. So he’s supposed to be during a pilgrimage to Mecca so wasteful that he should have been raised in Egypt to a currency crisis. Dozens of camels are supposed to have accompanied the king on his journey – on their backs, hundreds of kilograms of Gold-bearing. 60,000 people are supposed to have belonged to his Entourage.

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time threatens comrades had tried to portray, was how wealthy Mansa Musa. “There are pictures of him with a scepter of Gold, on a throne made of Gold with a Cup of Gold in his Hand and a Golden crown on the head,” said the historian of Rudolph merchandise. “Imagine how much Gold might have a man, and then you double it. This is the message behind it.”

The U.S.-the Blog “Celebrity Net Worth” estimated that in 2012, the assets of the king on 400 billion dollars. However, historians are of the opinion that his wealth can hardly be summed up in Numbers.

2. Caesar Augustus (63 BC – 14 ad)

Caesar Augustus once ruled over a Kingdom that was for 25 to 30 percent of global economic activity. According to the Professor of history Ian Morris, the private wealth of the Roman Emperor corresponded to about one-fifth of the gross domestic product. That would be today, about 4.6 trillion dollars. In addition, he had heard “for a while personally, the whole of Egypt,” said Morris of the magazine “Money”. This is hard to beat.

3. Emperor Shenzong (1048 – 1085)

On the third rank of the list of the richest men in the history of Money “” the Chinese Emperor Shenzong. According to the economic historian Ronald A. Edwards, China was Rich at the time of his reign one of the most economically powerful, and also in historical comparison. 25 to 30 percent of the world’s economic output were provided by China. Since the Emperor was the Empire centralizes very strong and the Emperor had enormous control over the economy, the Professor, Shenzong had to also have a similarly large assets.

4. Akbar I (1542 – 1605)

controlled As the Emperor of India’s Mughal dynasty, Akbar an Empire that once supplied about a quarter of global economic output. The economic historian Angus Maddison speculates that the former gross domestic product of India is about the of the Elizabethan of England. “The extravagant Lifestyle of the ruling class”, however, the European society exceeded.

5. Joseph Stalin (1878 – 1953)

Joseph Stalin had in the Soviet Union, the absolute Power and controlled at the time one of the largest economies in the world. This combination of economic Power and full control leads to the fact that Economists have named him one of the richest people of all time. In the process, Stalin’s personal wealth is not separated from state wealth.

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data from the OECD, that the Soviet Union in 1950 has provided 9.5 per cent of global economic output. Today this would correspond to a production level of almost $ 7.5 trillion. Although this money was not directly Stalin, he controlled it. “He had tremendous Power and, by his Power, he could have everything he wanted,” said George O. Liber, Professor of history at the University of Alabama the magazine “Money”. Reason enough for the economy to put a sheet of Stalin on the list of the richest people, even if the wealth, he held, was not to be personal.

6. Andrew Carnegie (1835 – 1919)

Andrew Carnegie, perhaps the richest American of all time. The Scottish immigrant sold his company to US Steel in 1901 for $ 480 million to J. P. Morgan. This amount is approximately two percent of the American gross domestic product corresponded to at that time. Today, there are approximately 372 billion dollars.

7. John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)

John D. Rockefeller is probably one of the most famous super-rich. In 1880, he controlled 90 percent of American Oil production. On the basis of an income tax return from the year 1918, the “New York Times estimated” assets at around 1.5 billion dollars. Today, that would be 341 billion dollars.

8. Alain the Red (1040 – 1093)

Alain the Red, a Breton nobleman and a nephew of William the conqueror. By the favor of the king, he was one of the richest magnates in England. When he died he left a fortune of about 11,000 pounds, which represented about seven per cent of English GDP. Today, the 194 billion dollars.

9. Bill Gates (born. 1955)

The assets of Bill Gates is to be determined in comparison to long-dead historical figures a lot easier. Forbes estimates it to 96.5 billion US dollars.


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10. Genghis Khan (1162 – 1227)

Once United Genghis Khan large parts of Central Asia and conquered Northern China. 1223 moved his troops up in today’s Ukraine. So he controlled the largest contiguous Empire in history. Despite his Power, he has hoarded, but no riches, but with his subordinates divided, writes the Professor of history Morris Rossabi. “One of the foundations for its success was the Sharing of the spoils with his soldiers and other commanders.”

Even if Genghis Khan had no palaces to build and treasure chambers full of Gold, “Money” had him to the richest people in the story – because he is so much the country like no one else.