After decades of scandals begins in the Vatican, the first international summit on the topic of abuse in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis has charged the tips of the bishops ‘ conferences of the world to Sunday, according to Rom.

At the conference will be found ways how to prevent the long was to cover up sexual abuse of children in the future. Every Bishop in every corner of the world in future is to know that he, too, bears responsibility, failure actions to detect and to provide the offender.

expectations are high that Pope Francis finally finds a way out of the crisis. Already in the 1980s, the first cases of abuse came through the spiritual to light. In recent years, the pressure on the Church and the Pope after scandals in Germany, Ireland, Chile and the United States was getting bigger and bigger. Many believers have turned away from the Church.

the protection of victims ‘ associations demand that Francis is now concrete deeds instead of words. However, binding decisions can not grasp the approximately 190 participants at the conference.