One of the greatest networkers of all time ruled in the US: Donald Trump. 56.3 million Followers alone on Twitter. Has there been such a concentration of Power in the history of ever?

Oh, Yes. Most of the great rulers in history have had greater Power than Donald Trump. Emperors and kings had to exercise it much easier to rule over the common people. Or think of Stalin. He had total control. Peoples were for many centuries not particularly good at it, to self-organize. The reality of our present time is quite different: Modern technologies enable people, more than ever, to connect with each other. We live in a network age. Even Donald Trump with all his followers on Twitter and Facebook is a resident of this world of networks.

you drive. He is the most powerful man in the world – the real and the social media.

But his Power is through the American Constitution is limited. A lot of talk about Trump, as he would be the king of the United States. The American Executive is, at the Moment, but not particularly strong. The President is yet to realize how limited his rule. The democratic party takes over the Power in the house of representatives.

social network

New Facebook-scandal – Netflix and Spotify have had access to all Chats


Trump’s a liar on Twitter every single day. People Insulted. You are threatened. The other day he has in the style of a mafia boss and his former lawyer, who is cooperating with the U.S. authorities, a “weakling”. This is not undermining the American democracy ?

I don’t disagree with them. What but at the same time, this also happened: Trump is attacked on Twitter for his behavior, and he cannot prevent it. Many reports in the media on a daily basis critical of him. You have to count his lies and to provide you with the facts. The “New York Times” sold more copies than in the time in front of Trump. It’s called a free press.

Trump, however, has understood like no other politician the Power of social media, is it?

Yes. Anyway, he uses them mercilessly. The Problem in most democracies today is that professional politicians, journalists, campaign managers, and demographers to understand the Revolution, which means the new networks. You simply carry on as always. This paves outsiders, the use of these networks, the opportunity to beat the Incumbent. Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton. The Brexit advocates against David Cameron. Look at the success of Salvini in Italy, and Bolsonaro in Brazil.

“Without Facebook and Google would become Trump never President”

All victories of Facebook politicians about traditionalists?

Why is it so slow to understand what is happening in front of our eyes? We are experiencing a structural transformation of the Public sphere. Hillary Clinton and her campaign team didn’t want to see in 2016 is simply that Ads were on Facebook decisive for the outcome of the presidential election. Instead, they have invested tons of money in the advertising of local TV stations. The whole of the old school. Today, we have two types of policy in the democratic world: the one that sees the Facebook – and the other loses.

Without Facebook and Google is not a President Trump and no Brexit?

I am absolutely convinced.

you Neglect not the political and social causes? Could we not also say: had the people in the Midwest of the USA Jobs, and less anger, then Hillary Clinton would be today, maybe President?

The social polarization that many experts make for the outcome of the election in 2016, responsible, there were in 2012 and 2008. The biggest difference between the elections of 2008 or 2012 and 2016, the social media. 80 percent of Americans consume their news exclusively via Facebook or Google. This is a Revolution. Trump won because he dominated Hillary Clinton on Facebook and Twitter and the social networks have a lot of targeted began. You make the election in 2016 to the conditions of 2008, with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in the early days. Trump would have lost. Clinton had, for example, have twice as much money in your campaign Fund, and the classical media, the majority of you supported. Apart from the fact that the Russians are not able to influence the choice. They had placed their Fake News hardly in the traditional media.


The cell phone Trumps the most important instrument of power. Via Twitter, he ruled the world.

©Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto

you say, social networks have existed in history.

networks were not invented in Silicon Valley. It has existed since time immemorial. You take the Christianity or the Islam. Huge networks that spread without any technology over large distances.

What’s the special today?

The Silicon Valley has created by means of new technologies, the largest and fastest social networks in the history. Facebook has more users than China inhabitants. The shattered the hierarchical structures of our society. It reminds me of the 16. and 17. Century.

affair contacts in Moscow

U.S. special investigator Mueller: Russia sought early contact with trump’s campaign team



then, Too, it was a technology that led to huge upheavals. Through the printing press, the ideas of the Reformation were to spread throughout Europe. He had a similar impact on the communication as the Internet is today. Also back then, people thought first of all, there are better times would come, a lot more people could read the Bible, the word of God and the science of spread. But then it came quickly to a social polarization between Catholics and Protestants, there were wars of religion. Fake News that spread, have led to Thousands of witch burnings. It culminated in the thirty years ‘ war.

This sounds like a warning of the story.

today We are experiencing the jolts that jeopardize our life together. The Algorithms, according to which the new social networks function, polarize incredible. The society disintegrates into individual groups which isolate themselves from each other, with Hate leather, the chic in breakneck speed lies and conspiracy theories around the Globe, and the social climate poison. We are experiencing a kind of culture war.

do you believe that us violent conflicts are imminent?

Sometimes people meet in the real world, because you are here on Twitter on top of each other. But that’s not the rule. The story teaches us that verbal violence turns eventually into real violence.

The well-known “New York Times”columnist Thomas L. Friedman sees his country to a “second American civil war” heading .

I don’t think that is an exaggeration. I don’t see why the process of social polarisation, it should eventually stop. We are sleepwalking into Europe and the USA in a kind of civil war, because we underestimate how toxic the hate in the online media.

If you listen to it, you should leave this polarization and hatred of machines at once, or?

switching Off is only possible in totalitarian regimes such as North Korea. Even China has Trouble, because it protects its citizens completely from the Western platforms. But we need regulation. A matter of urgency.

“social networks need to be regulated. Urgent”

As is happening politically at the Moment, but only a little-to-nothing.

The EU is not advancing right, it is too weak. With a hard fine, the European competition Commissioner against Google, the thing is done. And the United States have no interest. Trump threatens the Silicon Valley companies, and his former chief adviser, Stephen Bannon wanted to regulate them like public utilities, because in them he sees the evil “globalists”. But the tech companies are among the largest and most valuable companies in the world, they have strong lobby groups in Washington. They spend millions of dollars to avoid regulation.

What would be in your view necessary?

There are basically three options. Either we smash the company with Anti-Trust laws. Or, we strengthen the Power of state regulators. Or, this variant I choose to be, we need to make Facebook, Google, and Twitter for the spread of extremism and Fake News criminally and financially liable. We can’t do nothing.

Also in some European countries, the social polarization has catapulted already the populists to Power. Will break up the EU?

I wish I would have gotten in the past 20 years, every Time a Euro, if I’ve read an article about the collapse of the EU.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: the Power of social networks, Niall Ferguson writes in his book “towers and squares”.

©Marcio Jose Sanchez, DPA,

you keep the concern to be exaggerated?

For premature.

But you have already an existential crisis of the EU spoken.

the project of European Integration is a project of the 20th century. Century. Nation-States transfer part of their sovereignty to a Central Institution in Brussels. At the time, the companies were organized, clearly hierarchical, the media world was manageable, many of the classical conservative and social-democratic parties, which drove the project forward, are now gone or weak. In the network world of today, populists and nationalists have ascended. There is no consensus in the EU for further Integration. Thus, their core problem remains unsolved.

interference in US election

reconnaissance no track: Google and Facebook give only a few data to Russian trolls price

What is it?

The EU is not needed, only a common currency but also a common fiscal policy. A European Finance Minister. And a European army. All the proposed by the French President, Macron. But Germany and the Northern European States do not want fiscal Union. They fear that they would have to pay off its debts, a financially battered Italy.

And now?

the process of European unification Has come to an end. Now the question is, whether it goes back in reverse.

do you Fear?

A second Brexit there will be, maybe. But it could happen that countries such as Hungary or Poland pull a “silent exit” from the EU. You refuse to make today a common policy on migration and also in the morning other community projects.

“Merkel is bad for Europe. Their Motto is: Germany First!”

Ironically, in this situation, the soon to be saying goodbye to Angela Merkel, the most powerful political leader in the EU, of the international stage. The weaknesses of the EU?

Angela Merkel is a remarkable political Tactician. She was even referred to as “Merkiavelli”. I really like your dry sense of Humor and her unpretentious style. But you should measure politicians on their results, not your art. Because you have to say about the Chancellor: she was good for Germany. But bad for Europe.


their Motto was: Germany First!

Merkel, a European, Trump? You Make Jokes?

I remember a speech by Helmut Kohl in the American Academy in Berlin, he received the Henry Kissinger prize. Merkel was there, too. Cabbage meaning said: A policy that sets Germany first and Europe second, will end in Disaster. It was clear that he meant Angela Merkel.

Where is ended Merkel’s policy in a Disaster?

your decision with the refugees in the autumn of 2015 was a serious mistake. It has destabilized with the Opening of the border not only Germany, but also Europe fundamentally. The consequences will be felt for many years. “We can’t” to “We can do this” and back to “We can’t do it” – that was a more than remarkable. Merkel has always followed the social mood in Germany. This was already the case in the Euro crisis. This not only created a maximum uncertainty in terms of the future of Greece but the entire Eurozone.


Angela Merkel was not able to prevent the rise of the populists in Europe.

©Ludovic MARIN AFP

doesn’t Sound like a place in the box of Honor in Europe.

I’ve never understood why the angel-Saxon press, Angela Merkel, to the “leader of the free world” stylized. It was not good for the free world.

The Silicon Valley as a new Power, Europe is in crisis, Merkel is on the way out: Who is the biggest opponent of Donald Trump on the world stage? China’s President Xi Jinping? Or Facebook Boss Mark Zuckerberg?

None of the two.


Robert Mueller. He can destroy Trumps presidential. The American special Prosecutor with his investigation of trump’s dirty dealings and its possible dependence on Russia in the election year of 2016 is the biggest threat to the President. Mueller’s investigation is at the same time, a proof that the West is not yet beaten a long time, and the global competition with China can win.

Federal Congress

The AfD threatens with the Dexit – so radical is the slogan for the European elections

By Tim Schulze

How the hell is that?

China may be in 20 years, the economically strongest Power in the world. The Communist party may stabilize by using Big Data to their dictatorship even further. She has unrestricted access to all data, they monitor their citizens even more comprehensive. This enables an entirely new Form of totalitarianism. But this authoritarian state capitalism in the networking world of the 21st century. Century, a decisive disadvantage: its the Central of violence. The Absence of any division of Power and the rule of Law. A Robert Mueller would be in China, not possible.

that’s Why the United States win the global competition?

The United States will dominate the world in 20 years. It goes in the global fight to a clash of values and cultural influence. The American System is much more flexible and adaptable than the Chinese. It is innovative and can correct errors. Through the strength of their Constitution, Donald Trump will remain a four-year Episode. He will not have changed the country fundamentally. Many Chinese prefer America to China. I was sworn in Recently as an American citizen. The largest foreign group, who was sitting with me this day, were Chinese. You wanted to be all Americans.

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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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