The historian and Holocaust Survivor Saul Friedländer has called on Germany, the worldwide growing xenophobia and nationalism.

“We all hope that you have the moral strength to continue to fight for tolerance and inclusiveness, humanity and freedom, in short, for the true democracy,” he said in Berlin before the German Bundestag. The 86-Year-old spoke at a memorial service for the liberation of the German concentration camp Auschwitz by Soviet troops on 27. January 1945.

“anti-Semitism is only one of the Scourges, of which now one Nation after the other insidious attack,” said Friedlander. “The xenophobia, the lure of authoritarian rule practices and, in particular, of a further intensification of nationalism around the world are worryingly on the rise.” to speak

As he had been asked, before the Bundestag, he hesitated initially, said Friedlander, whose parents were murdered in Auschwitz and survived as a Young boy in a Catholic boarding school in France. He was then adopted but. “Why? Because I see how many people worldwide in today’s Germany, a fundamental change in Germany. Because, thanks to his many years of transformation since the war Germany has become one of the strong bulwarks against the dangers which I have just mentioned.”