The last Saturday began with the family of Andre Anchondo on like so many Saturdays before. Together with his wife and two-month-old son, the 24-Year-old first brought his older daughter to Cheerleading Training, and then took to the local Walmart to run errands. The Couple bought things for the School, and Steaks. In the evening the family wanted not only to celebrate the fifth birthday of the little girl, but also the day of the wedding, the Anchondos. However, more was to come.

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Trump, the scene of the crime tormentor: Many politicians would prefer to be on his Ziyarat


A 21-year-old man renounce opened in the supermarket the fire and caused a bloodbath. Andre Anchondo and his wife died in the hail of bullets, along with 20 other people. A few hours later, Gilbert Anchondo learned that his son is dead. “You told me that Andre is among us,” he said in an interview with the BBC. “And then they told me that I would have done in his education, a good job, because he was protecting his family. He threw himself between the bullets and his wife and child.”

It made him proud that his son has died under these circumstances, added Gilbert. “But I am sad and angry about what happened. There are no words that could describe the feelings we feel.”

Nevertheless, he said that he forgives the shooter what he did. “I forgive him, because he was out of his mind. He had the devil in them. I am very faithful and I will forgive what he has done,” says Gilbert.

members do not believe in a racist act,

recordings of a surveillance camera according to the police, the last moments in the life of Andre and his wife. “He actually tried to Protect and stop,” said Andres brother Tito of the BBC. “He rushed forward to grab the weapon. Then he and his wife were shot, however. I am very proud of my brother. He died as a Hero.” Even Tito knows the content of the video only through the narrative of the police officers. But he wants to watch it yourself. He knows that it will be difficult. “But I need to see the last moments in the life of my brother.”


Democrats Trumps rhetoric to give complicity in a hate crime: “Driving white supremacy”

By Steven Montero

“My brother died for his family, but the people make something Political,” lamented Tito. The debate does not turn in his opinion about racism or immigration, but about mental illness. “So a gunfight no one would hold in his right mind.” That the shooter had on the Hispanic community in the visor, does not believe Tito. Otherwise, he would not have his sister-in-law, an American woman with blonde hair and blue eyes, shot, argued the young man. The perpetrator had written before the fact, in a kind of Pamphlet: “This attack is a response to the Hispanic Invasion of Texas.”

father and brother of the victim expressed that you agree with the Statements made by Donald Trump to the time of the shooting and his support for your city is very appreciate. Trump had condemned the attacks of El Paso and Dayton clearly racism and the ideology of white supremacy. However, the President himself has made time and again sentiment against immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

source: BBC

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