Klaus Kinkel was not a man of Endless sentences, as they were for the Federal German policy, at the time, but sometimes, not so typical. Just like the on the one Hand-on the Other hand, or the Would-Be-If. Kinkel was one of the people, which could be significantly, if you had something to say. Of all the foreign Ministers that the Federal Republic had so far, he was perhaps the least diplomatic. Now the former FDP Chairman, has died at the age of 82 years.

Before he became a Minister, was one of Kinkel, already a long time of the top officials of the Republic. The machinery of government, he knew as much as anybody. Nevertheless, he put great value on being not your typical professional politicians. On criticism of his style, he replied: “I have never hidden that I have an open and sometimes schwäbisch-rabauzige kind.”

Career aspirations of Klaus Kinkel was, in fact, the doctor

Actually, Kinkel wanted – born in 1936 in Metzingen, Germany, in the Swabian province of the physician. Just like the father. After the first two semesters at the University, he switched to law. In 1964, he made his doctor, went to the state, to the “Federal office for civilian population protection”, such as it was, under the authority of the Ministry of interior. In 1970, he was discovered by the former head of Department, Hans-Dietrich Genscher (FDP).

The next few years was linked to his career closely with Genscher. The Minister of the interior made him the personal assistants and office Manager. Among Kinkel’s most delicate tasks to be handed over to the SPD-Chancellor Willy Brandt, a Dossier that had created the intelligence services about his private life. The content was in 1974, Brandt submitted his resignation.