The list is impressive: From the closest environment of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, may well be a whole lot of people, and quite rightly as criminal. His former legal counsel, Michael Cohen is sentenced to three years in prison and must in may to prison. On Thursday Trumps followed former campaign Manager Paul Manafort: The decades-long puppet masters of the US Republicans must be decided for almost four years behind bars as a judge in Alexandria (Virginia) in Washington. Trumps long-time Advisor Roger Stone going to the prison threatens. In the same way as the former security Advisor to the President, Michael Flynn.

Russia affair: Ex-Trump-Familiar stand up in court or have already been Fullscreen

Paul Manafort – a former campaign Manager Trumps

Was convicted of tax – and sentenced to Bank fraud for nearly four years in prison. In the procedure, it was not in the first line of allegations regarding his work as trump’s campaign Manager, or with a view to a possible intervention of Russia in the US election. Thus, a further process will be decided in mid-March.

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Donald Trump is creating less and less, all this of himself and his presidency. One and a half years before the next presidential election in the USA, it will be tight for the incumbent. The majority in the house of representatives is gone. The investigations of FBI special investigator Robert Mueller to run more. And the Democrats are trying everything to deal with the man in the White house with investigations, that the air of the Rule is missing.

Donald trump’s past under the magnifying glass

Alone, 81 letters, with calls for cooperation, the members of the judiciary have sent a Committee of people and organizations from the Trump environment. No stone remains on the other. Also Trumps time as a real estate Mogul in New York and the Interior of its braid now. That speculation about Trump had promised Manafort a pardon, not silent, help for the weak in popularity, not values.

Paul Manafort

Donald trump’s Ex-adviser is going to jail


property, plant and politically, the President who claims to have achieved more than any of his predecessors, has not had success, a lot of. The self-advancing supported the lighthouse project of his presidency, a comprehensive tax reform that leads the country further into the debt trap. This is no longer just the experts, but by official government statistics used.

His fight against trade-bandits seems to be misleading. The US trade deficit, which wanted to reduce Trump, has risen in his presidency, significantly, despite the rage with the duties, and the threats to both friend and enemy. Just a few days ago, the statistical office announced that the deficit had now grown to its highest level in ten years.

the construction of The wall is hardly getting – a bitter disappointment for the Fan base of the President. According to the health policy and its support for Saudi Arabia, he could fail also in his highly controversial an act of desperation to rescue the wall-project – Declaration of state of Emergency – the own party allegiance. At least Trump has to fight to keep the Senate majority. The former Top-of-the-election-Act has become a bit of a laughingstock, the efforts to sketch a real immigration crisis, not only from the point of view of the Democrats.

problems on the problems, internal and external situation,

Not least of all, he has foreign policy problems. From the summit, with North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un makes Trump came back with empty hands. In Syria he made a recent turnaround – after he had caused a hasty withdrawal notice for head-shaking in all over the world, is Trump now “100 per cent” in favour of keeping US troops in Syria. The liberal political scientist Simon Rosenberg on the think tank NDN, summed up the Situation for the Washington Post and other U.S. media: “The truth is that he can’t point to a single thing that is better today than when he took over the office.”

Trump-friends refer to successes, for instance in the case of the deregulation, or in the appointment of judges. That doesn’t change the fact that 64 percent of all Americans are now of the opinion that not only the environment Trumps is criminal, but also the President himself has committed in his time as a real estate Mogul’s crime, as a survey by the Quinnipiac University revealed.

more and more often, the Parallel is drawn to Organized crime. The Democrats employ for a couple of days a lawyer who is familiar with organized crime. The former New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg, is politically not very far from the Republicans removed, referred to Trump as a “threat to our country”. Throughout the country a campaign has been running TV spots: “removal of advertising, Now!”

debt-to-are – of course – the media

What exactly is promoting for nearly two years, the ongoing investigation of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller about the Trump-a-days, is not clear. It is also unclear what the Public will get to see. Trump’s new attorney General William Barr has already announced that it is maybe not going to be possible to make the entire report public.

Trump himself rejects any wrongdoing. On Friday morning, he resorted to his favorite weapon, to defend himself and his critics to attack: Twitter. “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT,” wrote Trump, what about the “harassment of the President” to translate. To blame for the precarious position, not he, but the negative is, in his opinion, from the point of view Trumps: the dishonest reporting of the media. “You are completely out of control,” wrote the President. “But we will win!”

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