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the US Congress budget package choice 2020 (19.52 hours), and passed hikers backpack can stand, because he was “too heavy” and initiates the search action (17: 26)German tourists in Alaska near glacier died (16: 46)the threat of the dam breaking – authorities evacuate the city in England (16.05 PM)in the vicinity of London: Huge scaffold collapses, several injured (14: 41)

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+++ 19.52 PM: US Congress budget package to be adopted on choice 2020 +++

The U.S. Congress has passed a budget package for the next two years and thus the risk of a possible Government shutdown averted on the presidential election in 2020 and beyond. After the house of representatives, a majority in the Senate agreed to limit for the Budget and for an increase in the debt ceiling. 67 senators voted in favor of the government of President Donald Trump, and leading representatives from the Congress negotiated a compromise. 28 voted against it.

+++ 19.39 PM: Four protesters shot and killed during protests in Sudan +++

a Few hours before the planned resumption of talks between the ruling generals in Sudan, and the protest movement have been shot in the city of Omdurman four protesters. Opposition close to the Doctors told, the protesters were killed by snipers. Several other people were injured accordingly. In the evening, the military Council and the protest movement wanted to begin their final discussions on outstanding issues.

In Sudan were held on Thursday across the country, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the killing of six demonstrators at the beginning of the week. In the case of four of the victims of the protests in the city of Al-Obeid, there had been students in the 15 to 17 years of age. 60 other protesters were injured.

+++ 19.19 PM: Ex-lawyer for fraud accused +++

A former lawyer has been accused by the public Prosecutor’s office Oldenburg, due to embezzlement, forgery and fraud. The 50-Year-old as a court-appointed professional supervisor for a now deceased woman, unjustified amounts of money from their account to a managed fiduciary account have booked, such as the Prosecutor’s office announced. Also, you should have private accounts of the account of the woman paid. The lawyer should have obtained in this way, a total amount of approximately 630,000 euros. Against the woman has already been adopted in mid-2018, a professional ban. The charges at the regional court of Oldenburg pending.

+++ 18.52 PM: cockatiel with migrants, The German aid organisation Sea rescued all on Board the “Alan Kurdi” +++

Eye has saved 40 migrants and a cockatiel in front of the coast of Libya. The bird was now on Board the “Alan Kurdi” and belong to a family with three small children, said the spokesman for the Regensburg organization, Gorden Isler. Sea-Eye will ask the Italian government, not only 18 people – year-old, among them 15 minors, to have two parents, and a Pregnant woman – in the country. Also the cockatiel “Jacques” had to be allowed to leave the ship.

The bird seats are always in the father of a family from Cameroon on the shoulder, and had not yet flown away, because he was probably fixated on the family, said Isler. The “Alan Kurdi” had rescued the migrants from a rubber boat in the Mediterranean and is now in front of the Italian island of Lampedusa. Italy’s interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has forbidden the Crew, however, the entrance to the port.

+++ 17.55 clock: a death trap for bailiff murder charges against 56-Year-old +++

Shortly before the visit of a bailiff, a 56 should have prepared Years in Bocholt, an Explosion in a residential building – now the Münster public prosecution office has brought criminal charges on suspicion of attempted murder. She also accuses the man of arson because he also has to have a warehouse on the property burned, and burned completely down. The background was the planned eviction of the whole of the manor estate about. The Accused denied according to the public Prosecutor’s office from Thursday the allegations.

In the house, he should radicals leads to the middle of April of this year, to be screwed gas – fired boilers, fuel in the basement, shed and tealights have been positioned in the entrance area, then a plastic container with a petrol soaked cloth and a lighted candle. It even have to leave the house. The Accused is said to have taken a fatal violation of the bailiff in the time of purchase. The damage from the fire in the warehouse is estimated at half a Million euros.

+++ 17.26 PM: hikers can backpack because he was “too heavy” – and triggers a search action +++

Because his backpack was for the Summit to be difficult, has triggered a 28-Year-old of his belongings unceremoniously on the way back to the left and a search action. Four of the climbers were found to be 25 pounds of heavy Luggage, including passport, phone and wallet on the way to the Traunstein, in upper Austria, the police announced on Thursday. Because they feared that the owner had crashed, they called the mountain rescuers. This lowered in the surrounding steep rock gullies and searched for him. A police helicopter was used. After approximately two hours, the Missing person was made in a cottage find.

He had underestimated the steepness of the mountain, the 28-Year-old. It appeared to him impossible, his heavy backpack. He had him on the way back again. With the backpack, he was on a two-month Europe tour.

+++ 16.58 PM: mayor died of Mogadishu to stop +++

After a stop in Mogadishu, with eleven dead in the past week, the mayor of the Somali capital, has died. Abdirahman aw Osman has died of reported in a hospital in Doha, the capital of the Gulf state of Qatar, his injuries, the state news Agency Sonna on Thursday.

In the attack on Wednesday of last week, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a building of the municipal administration in the air, and killed at least eleven people. The terrorist group Al-Shabaab claimed the fact for themselves. She explained, the UN special envoy for Somalia, James Swan, had been the target. This had met only hours earlier, the mayor. Osman was flown after the attack for treatment to Qatar.

+++ 16.54 PM: Pilot dies in crash of ultralight aircraft in upper Bavaria +++

in The crash of an ultralight aircraft in the upper Bavarian district Fürstenfeldbruck, the Pilot is killed. The machine was on Thursday, about two kilometers before Reaching the Runway of the airfield in Jesenwang in a maize field, toppled, police said in Ingolstadt, Germany. Responders should retrieve the pilots. The criminal investigation began together with the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation, the investigation into the cause of a crash. As far as is known, was launched the machine in the morning from the airport and have been at the time of accident in landing.

+++ 16: 46: German tourists in Alaska near glacier killed +++

In Alaska, came two tourists from Germany were killed. As the local police said, were found in their bodies together with a further dead in a glacial lake in the U.S. state of. Among the dead were the local authorities, a 67-year-old woman, a peers, a man and a 62-year-old man. The Foreign office confirmed on Thursday that two of them are German.

the First evidence that all three of the rescue wore vests and were in an inflatable canoe near the Valdez glacier on the way. The details that you found at the foot of the glacier. The cause of death will be determined, it said.

NEWS RELEASE Three Boaters Discovered Deceased in Valdez Glacier Lake UPDATE #3 & Final (11am – August 1st) NEWS…

Posted by City of Valdez, Alaska – the Government on Tuesday, 30. July 2019

+++ 16.25 PM: act of violence of Frankfurt: the Federal police to increase presence at railway stations +++

After the deadly attack on an eight-year-old boy on the Frankfurt Central station the Federal police to show more presence on heavily used train stations. The goal is to increase the protection from violence offences in the field of railway systems with enhanced and more visible presence of the Federal police, informed the Federal police on Thursday. “Under other Federal police duties, I have arranged in the framework of existing resources and management knowledge of the presence increases, to focus on railway stations, including the railway station in Frankfurt,” said the President of the Federal police Presidium, Dieter Romann. Numbers to the forces he did not name.

+++ 16.10: Joko Winterscheidt attends climate activists: “you are doing everything correctly” +++

With a call to strike “all of” the Entertainer Joko winter scheidt strengthened the young climate activists of the “Fridays for Future” on the back. “Why is only your on the road? Why it’s not the people sitting in the office,” he said on Thursday hundreds of participants of the first great “Fridays for Future”Congress in Dortmund. “Why do you not simply time – steep Thesis – this country to a standstill on a Friday?” All of you were always excited on what would have been done by the young activists so far, “but far too many stay-at-home”.


Joko winter scheidt discussed with participants of the “Fridays for Future”Congress in Dortmund

©Guido Kirchner DPA

He was impressed by the commitment of the movement. “You’re going to change something,” said winter scheidt. “Because the youth had no interest in, you are the ones that make everything right.”

From Wednesday to Sunday are expected 1500 students Meeting in Dortmund. The first Congress of this kind and magnitude is intended to serve the personal meeting, the better networking and the strengthening of the movement. The future course will be discussed. Decisions shall be expressly taken, BelTA learned from the organizing team.

+++ 16.05 PM: the Threat evacuated a dam breaking – authorities evacuate the city in England +++

The English town of Whaley Bridge. After heavy rains, a dam in the vicinity of the city threatens to break to the Southeast of Manchester. He had to get in the last hours cracks, the parts are already de-energized. Video recordings on Twitter to show that water masses in the direction of the city of thunder.

The extreme weather conditions have the Todd brook Reservoir, close to the 6500 inhabitants of the town of Whaley Bridge severely damaged, said the environmental protection Agency on Thursday. The level of the River Goyt could rise quickly, should water leak from the dam, it said. The authority warned of high water. People should stay in the area around Whaley Bridge remote.

The police in the relevant Derbyshire spoke of “danger to life” and called on the residents to safety. Residents should seek, if possible, with friends and Relatives in the neighborhood shelter. Who have no other Alternative, will be housed in a shelter. How long the evacuation would take, was not immediately known. It was a “unprecedented, rapidly developing emergency,” police said on Twitter.

+++ 15.38 PM: More than 70 people died in Fighting with Islamists in Nigeria +++

Fighting between the army and Islamists have been killed in the North-East of Nigeria more than 70 people. Among the Victims were at least 25 soldiers and 47 Islamists, whether it was called on Thursday from military circles. In the case of the fighters, the attacks at the beginning of the week, a position on the lake Chad, it was, therefore, to members of the militia Islamic state in the province of West Africa (Iswap), a sub-group in Nigeria since the years of active extremist organization Boko Haram.

The attack of the Iswap-fighters to a position near the town of Baga had been beaten. On the run, the Islamists came in contact with the special forces of the army, which had been sent from the regional capital of Maiduguri.

+++ 15.01 PM: police in Myanmar leads raids against drug labs in the jungle +++

The police in Myanmar has started, according to information from large-scale raids against drug labs in the jungle. In the case of the use in the province of Shan in the North of the country already several hundred kilos of Crystal Meth had been seized, said an official of the Anti-drug authority on Thursday.

at The beginning of the mission, just over a week ago had advised the officials under heavy attack, the official said. A few days later, they returned and dug a giant drug laboratory, from nearly a hundred huts inventory. 750 kilos of Crystal Meth and 9000 with caffeine offset methamphetamine tablets were seized.

Of the army published photos show, from tree trunks and are Planning timbered huts, as well as numerous acid-barrels and bottles, freezers, and tea bags, which are often used for drug smuggling. According to experts, Myanmar is now the largest producer of Crystal Meth in the world.

+++ 14.47 PM: data protector stops the evaluation of Google voice recordings in Europe to let +++

Google stops in Europe, the practice of shots from its networked speakers of people evaluate. The Internet group, in response to an initiative by the Hamburg data protection officer Johannes Caspar. The stop is valid throughout the EU, initially for three months, such as the data protection announced on Thursday.

drug deals, Sex, doctor’s visit

Apple is more intimate Siri-records companies – so you can get the Park

By Malte Mans

Caspar initiated an administrative procedure against the Internet group to Listen to the recordings by a Google employee or a service provider, say under. The Hamburg data protection in Germany is for Google, because the company has its office in Germany. Caspar suggested similar measures by the competent authorities against other wizards, such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri voice.

In the past few months, it became known that Amazon, Google and Apple’s voice assistant, and a part of the images of people evaluate in order to improve the accuracy of speech recognition. They emphasise that the fragments are anonymized. At the same time, the financial service Bloomberg reported that Amazon-a service provider would be displayed in part on the serial numbers of the devices and the first name of the user.

+++ 14.41 PM: Huge scaffold near London based – at least two injured +++

The collapse of a huge scaffolding, at least two people have been injured in a building in the UK Reading. The fire Department sought on Thursday with thermal imaging cameras for additional Victims. According to the ambulance, the two injured were in life-threatening danger. “A lot of screaming and all ran after the sudden collapse,” reported an eyewitness in the short message service Twitter about the disaster in the West of London.

+++ 14.23 PM: Worried Baden-württemberg calls for grasshopper in the bedroom, police +++

Because a mysterious animal wandered into his bedroom, a concerned man from Baden-Baden called the police for help. He reported to the officials on Wednesday over the phone from a “scary encounter” with an “unknown animal”, informed the responsible custodians of law and order in Offenburg on Thursday. The speech was a “big spider” that looked like but “completely different”. “Because he was worried that it was potentially a dangerous, invasive species, caught it and alerted the police,” said the officials. This arrived a little later and were able to calm the man. “They released the grasshopper on the foot,” it said in the police report.

+++ 14.14 PM: the pilot of the helicopter of the Bundeswehr with Laser +++

blinded a Pilot of A German army helicopter has been blinded in the vicinity of the plane clump of lechfeld in Bavaria with a Laser and injured. The 42-Year-old suffered a retinal detachment, and the service is not currently capable, as the police announced on Thursday. The soldier had flown over on Monday at dawn, the municipality of Prittriching in upper Bavaria, as it is a flash of bluish-white Flashing was blinding. A little later, a gray stain had formed in the field-of-view. The Pilot is suppose to be a laser light from the ground have been made. The criminal investigation Department initiated an investigation because of dangerous interference in air transport and dangerous bodily injury.

+++ 13.46 PM: rape allegations: Indian party politicians-excludes +++

A member of Parliament in India who raped a young woman and her environment threatens to have, is from the government party have been excluded. The hindu-nationalist BJP of Prime Minister Narendra modi have in the case of serious allegations against members of zero tolerance, said a party spokesman, according to the state broadcaster Doordarshan News on Thursday. In the case of the Deputy, it is Kuldeep Sengar. He was previously a member for the BJP in the Parliament of the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Previously, the 19-year-old alleged rape victim and her lawyer were injured on Sunday in a car accident. Two members came in collision with a Truck killed. The woman’s family, as well as opposition parties accuse the members of being behind the accident. The Federal police are investigating against the politician for murder.

+++ 13.30: Ex-foreign Minister: Europe is pushing to escape from Libya +++

The former Federal foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, accuses leading European States, the civil war in Libya, by supporting opposing sides in the war to fuel. In order for Europe to drive the movement of Flight across the Mediterranean sea. The European Union creates the prerequisite for this is that the migration pressure will be greater, said Gabriel, the ARD policy magazine “Panorama”.

Gabriel criticized, in particular, the French support of the rebel leader General Khalifa Haftar, has brought large parts of the civil war country under his control. Officially, France is recognize by the international community as legitimate considered Libyan government of Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch, in fact, support Paris, but whose main adversary is General Haftar. This was just trying to conquer in a war, the capital city of Tripoli.

“as Long as this civil war is raging, we will have virtually no chance,” Gabriel said. “I mean, we argue here on the question of whether we allow ships to land. The truth is, if we don’t fight the civil war, then we forget the idea that we would be able to bring people back! Yes but where to? Back in the concentration camps (editor’s note: refers to the internment camps) or in the fingers of those who lead the war?” The own people would tell the Europeans: “We want less Migration”. The European Union in Libya to manage the condition asfor that the migration pressure will be greater.

+++ 13.18 PM: EU deplores U.S. sanctions against Iranian foreign Minister +++

The European Union’s imposition of sanctions against the Iranian foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif by the United States regrets. “We regret this decision,” said a spokesman for the EU high representative for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini in Brussels on Thursday. The EU will cooperate more with the foreign Minister because he was the highest-ranking Diplomat of Iran, on the other, because it is important, the diplomatic relations to maintain.

The US government had imposed the sanctions on Wednesday, and Sarifs Bank accounts and assets frozen in the United States. Sarif was the mouthpiece of the Iranian government and put the “reckless Agenda” of the spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the US Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin. US President, Donald Trump was dropped out in may 2018 from the international nuclear agreement with Iran, and announced a policy of “maximum pressure”. Since then, the imposed US sanctions difficult to make the Iranian economy.

+++ 13.16 PM: heat wave was even more severe than known +++

The heat has had in Germany last week in a tighter grip than was first known. A final analysis of the German weather service (DWD) reports that within three days, not just 25 Times the maximum values of 40 degrees, and more measured, but a total of 28 were Changes. The DWD informed in Offenbach. In its preliminary July balance sheet, and the weather was expected on Tuesday of 25 cases.

The completed scientific analysis have shown that alone the 25. July, the 40-degree mark has been reached 25 Times, said the DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich. The new Germany-a record of 42.6 degrees in Lingen, in the Emsland region have stock.

temperatures above 40 degrees were in Germany, yet very rarely, and very limited in the region occurred: The first measurement is from the July, 1983, after which the value had been achieved only sporadically. The high values occurred exceptionally spacious, from the Rhine-Main area, on the lower Rhine to the city of the Emsland. In addition, it should be the same on three consecutive days, from 24. to 26. July, so hot. The summer show clearly that the climate have recorded change in travel, the report says.

+++ 13.02 PM: After Track attack: expert psychiatric report +++

created After the deadly Rail attack in the Frankfurt Central station is to create an expert psychiatric opinion on the suspects. There is an expert had been instructed to lead with the man from Eritrea talks, said the spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office.

After the assassination in Frankfurt

“The appalling cry that the” words of eye-witness to the people on the move in the network

The 40-Year-old, a three-time father of a family, sitting on suspicion of murder in custody. The man is under arrest on suspicion, on Monday, an unknown woman and her son in front of a drive-in ICE have encountered. The 40-year-old mother was able to save herself, her son was run over by a train and killed.

The Eritreans who lived since 2006 in Switzerland, came a few days ago to Frankfurt. According to the Zurich police, he was in this year in psychiatric treatment.

+++ 13.00: More than 15,000 undocumented migrants in Istanbul picked up +++

The Turkish authorities have taken up in the metropolis of Istanbul, within 20 days, around 15,000 migrants without papers. Including 2630 Syrians, were the Istanbul Governor’s office informed. The unregistered Syrian refugees had been temporarily sent into camps. Migrants of other nationality had been placed in deportation centres.

+++ 12.22 PM: Maas, ask Poland for forgiveness for Nazi crimes +++

The 75. The anniversary of the Warsaw uprising against the German occupying power, has asked the Federal foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, Poland forgiveness for Nazi crimes. “I am ashamed of what was their country of German and the German name is done. And I am ashamed that this debt was concealed after the war, for far too long,” he said in the Museum of the Warsaw uprising in the Polish capital.

+++ 12.11 PM: poll: Large majority wants no US nuclear weapons in Germany +++

The vast majority of citizens in Germany rejects a representative survey, according to a stationing of US nuclear weapons in the Federal Republic of Germany. The survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Kantar, commissioned by Greenpeace, published today, shortly before the end of the INF-Treaty on the prohibition of land-based nuclear medium-range missiles. About 86 percent of the respondents said, therefore, the Federal government should prohibit the deployment of nuclear medium-range missiles of the USA in Germany. Eight percent were in favour of approval, the Rest of the participants positioned themselves.

The INF Treaty ends this Friday – only the United States had denounced, then Russia him. According to Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, there is not currently, but the intention to kidneys new land-based nuclear weapons systems based in Europe.

+++ 12.07 PM: Canada goes in search of a murder suspect teenagers back +++

After days of intensive efforts, the canadian police, travels back the search for two murder suspects, teenagers. Despite the support of two planes of the air force, by sniffer dogs, drones, boats and helicopters, it does not give the slightest trace of the 18-year-old Breyer Schmegelsky and a year older Came up McLeod, said police spokeswoman Jane MacLatchy on Wednesday. The escape vehicle of the two was on 23. July burned out have been found near the Town of Gillam in the Central province of Manitoba.

+++ 12.03 PM: Gabriel does not support the German ” no “to the US military mission in the Gulf +++

The former Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has been placed behind the” no ” of the Federal government to a German participation in a U.S.-led military mission in the Persian Gulf. “Would choose Germany or even the EU military mission, under the leadership of the United States, we would support the policy of the United States in the Region subsequently and justify it,” Gabriel said the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.