Lenningen: 75-year-old hiker collapsed several meters in depth

In Lenningen (Baden-Württemberg) is a woman while Hiking heavy crash. As the police reported on Easter Monday, happened to Stetten of the accident on Sunday at 13 o’clock below the “small Scare” in the direction of the tomb. The 75-Year-old was with her 80-year-old husband on the narrow path in the field of horror rock when she fell from the trail and slid about eight feet in depth. Fortunately, it was caught by a tree. The immediately alarmed the mountain woke up the Elderly woman could be freed within the shortest period of time of their awkward position and slightly injured in a hospital are delivered.

source: the police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany

Reutlingen: the dispute of patients in the emergency room

escalates In baden-württemberg, Reutlingen, Germany, has escalated a dispute in a hospital. As the police reported on Easter Monday, was in the evening against 20 clock a group of three women and a man, with others Waiting in the emergency room in dispute. As a patient, felt by the group disturbed, she asked for a little more peace of mind. A present couple of the women agreed. Then, the 28 was insulted-year-old husband of the group’s solid and of a 25-year-old group with a Cup of coffee showered. Furthermore, this injured the man with the finger nails on the neck. Then it came to the fight between the group and the couple a hand, in the course of all injured each other easily. The police are investigating.

source: the police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany

Bleckede: Few crashes with car in the port basin

In lower Saxony Bleckede is a senior Couple of overthrown pool on Easter Sunday with his car to the port. The fire reportedly started the red Suzuki to sink immediately. Three passers-by jumped immediately into the water to rescue the pensioners. All the occupants were unharmed. When firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident, shimmered the vehicle roof through the surface of the water. With a winch, the rescue workers pulled the car out of the Harbor. How it could come to the accident, is still unclear.


When the rescue workers arrived, sticking only to the vehicle roof out of the water

©fire brigades city of Bleckede

source: fire Department city Bleckede

Kinding: railway line from Munich to Nuremberg for hours lame

A police operation on the main railway line between Nuremberg and Munich on Saturday for hours-long problems with cancellations and diversions, including delays. An ICE with around 380 people on Board had shortly before lunch after an accident in the case of Kinding in the district of Eichstätt stop, such as Deutsche Bahn announced. According to a spokesman, he was able to drive only after about four and a half hours in the direction of Ingolstadt. The travelers would have to stay while waiting on the train.

source: DPA

Rauenberg: thief steals children’s Easter baskets

in Vain have two children in Baden-Württemberg looking for on Easter Sunday your Easter nest in the garden. A thief, apparently, was faster and had stolen the candy, and toys, such as the police reported on Monday. The father of the children had hidden the things in the night on Sunday in the garden plot in Rauenberg (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis). Police are looking for the “Easter Bunny thief”. The gifts had a value of 25 Euro.

source: DPA

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