Berlin (Reuters) Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), meets with thinking about a higher income tax for Top earners opposition from the coalition partners.

“increases, Any debate about tax is poison for the economy,” said Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), the “image”-newspaper. “Instead, we need tax relief for all citizens, weak and strong shoulders equally. That is why the coalition agreement, tax increases right to exclude categorically.”

In the same notch on the proposed CSU leader Markus Söder. “It increases, there is a clear Position of the European Union against tax. That would be poison for the economy and send the wrong Signal against the power in the Land. The CSU will not,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister of the German press Agency in Munich.

“There has been a lowering of taxes is rather necessary. The basic tax and corporate tax must be reformed, and the solos must be abolished for all,” said Söder. There is also an increase in the top tax rate and a simultaneous reduction in other taxes don’t work: “There is no concept of the rights of a pocket, left pocket.” A higher top rate of tax would also burden the SMEs and the craft sector.

Minister of Finance Scholz, and had spoken the day before for a higher taxation of top incomes. “If, however, for very high income, the top tax rate by a moderate 3 percentage points to 45 increases, I’d be only fair. By the way, he was at the time of the Chancellor’s cabbage time, at 56 percent, and today he is 42 percent,” said Scholz, the “time”.

In the coalition negotiations, had demanded the SPD in vain to raise the top tax rate from 42 to 45 percent. The increase should be used after presentation of the social Democrats as a compensation for plans to let the top tax rate at higher income grab.

Since the wages have increased more than the income threshold for the top tax rate was raised, numbers of citizens with annual earnings of $ 55,000 for the top rate of tax. The tax number Federal calls, therefore, for longer, to let the top tax rate from a taxable income of 80,000 euros grab.

The Vice-Chairman and financial policy spokesman of the Left, Fabio De Masi, said: “We need a top tax rate of 53 percent, as under Helmut Kohl. In contrast to Scholz’s proposal, the top tax should but much later.” The top tax rate was during the chancellorship Kohl’s in the top of the end of the 80s at 56 percent and was then lowered at the beginning of the 90s to 53 percent.